Monthly Archives: December 2008

Welcome. I Hope You Stay Awhile.

Welcome TeaHi.  Well, after countless moves and upgrades, I think I am finally ready to settle down and blog.  It’s been a strange year in my journey into blogging land, but I think I have found my home.

This is my welcome post.  With it, I welcome you and invite you to take a peek into my brain.  It’s a fascinating place, and it’s going to take some time to explore it.

I am a writer, so a blog seems like the perfect way for me to express myself.  I also have plenty of opinions, and I like to expound on each and every one.  This is another good reason to have a blog.  I will be posting in categories such as Movie Reviews (Before and After, meaning before and after you see the movie), Pop Culture, Sports, Politics, Race, Gender, Sexuality, and whatever else happens to be on my mind.

Sit down, get comfy, and look around while I make you some tea.  It’s nice to have you.