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Dogma–After You See It

4:31 p.m.     12/28/04 Oh, God.  I just got done watching Dogma—which wasn’t the movie I was going to watch, but that DVD wouldn’t play.  So, instead of the fairyland of Peter Pan and that dastardly Captain Hook—yeah, of Wendy, too—I settled in to listen to The Voice of the One True God, er, watch a… Continue Reading

Reaching Out My Hand

President Obama talks at length about bipartisanship and about how he is the president of every American.  He has reached out to the Republicans, and he’s gotten his hand slapped for his troubles.  Still, he keeps trying.  He truly seems to want to get past the bitter partisanship that has divided this country for the… Continue Reading

A Party of One

I have been reading a Fat Acceptance (FA) blog for the last few days.  It’s a witty, incisive look into the devastating consequences our fat-phobic society wreaks on people (mostly women).  I found it because the author, Kate Harding, wrote an essay on  I have known about the FA movement for years, but I… Continue Reading

GOP Sez: Keep the #!@#$(!#* Change!

Many years ago, a friend once told me that he considered me an optimist.  Outraged, I pointed out my numerous cynical comments and countered that I was a realist at best, a pessimist at my worse.  I was appalled that he viewed me as some pie-in-the-sky Pollyanna who only saw the good in everyone.  In… Continue Reading


So the far right wingnut media are already blathering about how we’ve reached the apocalypse now that Obama has been sworn in (or HAS he?).  No matter that they were the ones who said it was unpatriotic to question the decisions W. made once he was president BECAUSE he was president–they are the ones gleefully… Continue Reading

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

  And I don’t mean the NSA with their illegal wiretapping of American citizens.   Bear with me.  I am pretty much a Luddite when it comes to gizmos and gadgets.  I just recently got my first cell phone, and I leave it off whenever I’m not on it.  I think I have actually HAD to… Continue Reading

Truly Madly Deeply–Before You See It

                                                                                                                               4:00 a.m.             1/15/16/05 I have long since established that two things make any movie better.  Cello music and Alan Rickman.  Truly Madly Deeply have both, which makes it one of my favorite movies.  No, those aren’t the only reasons I like this movie so much, but it’s a good start.  In fact, Alan Rickman is… Continue Reading

Truly Madly Deeply–After You See It

                                                                                                                                      9:35 p.m.  12/26/04 Today, I am still depressed from yesterday.  I decide to pop in another movie after watching the twelve o’clock football game.  This time, a true comedy.  Truly Madly Deeply.  It’s like Ghost, I thought, except it has Alan Rickman in it with a really, really bad porn mustache.  In fact, I almost… Continue Reading

MY American Prayer

I was going to post will i am’s, Yes We Can video, but it seems as if every blogger in the blogosphere has done that, so I am choosing a different video to post instead.  This is Dave Stewart’s American Prayer, and it is my second favorite song from the silly season. It didn’t get… Continue Reading