The Terrorists Have Won

CBR002349Today, the news emerged that the clinic Dr. Tiller ran will be shut down for good.  There are rumblings that one of the other doctors there wishes to carry on, but we will have to wait and see on that.  For now, the clinic is closed, and the terrorists have won, and Ross Douthat, the new conservative pundit at NYT warns us that we better give in or there will be more of the same.  Shorter Douthat here.  I skimmed the article, but I cannot stomach the asshole or his pseudo-intellectual bent on things.  He’s a fucking misogynist who likes to dress it up with pretty words.  He has no fucking business grandly deigning to tell us that if we (pitiful women) give up our rights, then maybe there will be no more bombings.

First of all, bullshit.  The true anti-choice activists don’t want any abortion to be legal.  As an aside, I heard on NPR today that only a small percentage of Americans (and, of course, they don’t bother to give the percentage) wants abortions to always be legal.  Really?  Truly?  Then, I guess that puts me in the minority–again.  To be fair, they also said that the percentage of Americans who want abortion to always be illegal is equally small.  Cold comfort, indeed.

Anyway, this is about goal post moving.  If abortions become illegal, then the anti-choice people will start protesting contraceptives.  Oh wait.  They already do.  What, you say, it’s not true?  Well, who the fuck cares?  This is a war they are fighting, and they will use whatever propaganda they have at hand to win it.  The leader of Prayer and Action, an anti-choice newsletter, Dave Leach (look, another guy!) said about the murder of Dr. George Tiller:

To call this a crime is too simplistic. There is Christian scripture that would support this.

What Scripture has to do with American law is beyond me, but Dave Leach sees a greater law than the laws of our land.  His compatriot in arms, the truly vile founder of Operation Rescue, Randall Terry (another man!) said Dr. Tiller got his just desserts:

(He) was a mass murderer, and horrifically, he reaped what he sowed.

Terry also said:

George Tiller was a mass-murderer. We grieve for him that he did not have time to properly prepare his soul to face God. I am more concerned that the Obama Administration will use Tiller’s killing to intimidate pro-lifers into surrendering our most effective rhetoric and actions.

He goes on to talk about the Law of God. You can read the rest of his statement here. Note what his main concern is here.  It’s not that a man was cold-bloodedly murdered in his house of worship (which would indicate that he and his God were at least on a talking basis); it’s that the poor, helpless anti-choice activists might have to curb their activities that he deems peaceful, but that really aren’t.  It’s one thing to picket the clinic at which the caregivers work.  It’s another to follow their children to school or harrass the workers at their homes or places of worship.  In addition, I find it laughable that a mere man can presume to speak for his God.  What a monstrous ego this guy must have.

I know some people flinch at the use of the word terrorist in this context, but we must name it what it is.  Tell me, what is the difference between the tactics and the words of the anti-choice people and those of, say, al-Qaeda?  The former are convinced that they and they alone know what the Almighty would want (which, coincidentally enough, is a lot like the shit they are spouting) while the latter are convinced that they and they alone speak for Allah.

In addition, both groups decry the loose moral standards of Americans while holding themselves above the riff-raff.  Both groups use intimidation to try to force their opponents into submitting.

Let’s take the specific case of Dr. Tiller’s murder.  The suspect is Scott Roeder.  He has written on the Operation Rescue website, and he was found with the handwritten phone number of an Operation Rescue senior policy advisor named Cheryl Sullenger on his dashboard.  Ms. Sullenger herself has spent two years in prison on a conspiracy to bomb the hell out of an abortion clinic.  Roeder had ten bucks to his name when he was arrested.  He has been involved in vandalism of abortion clinics over the years, and he was caught glueing the locks shut at the very same clinic the day before.

Now, after the last flurry of doctor killings in the nineties, laws were passed to protect abortion providers.  Under Clinton, the feds were happy to prosecute these transgressors.  However, during the W. years, these laws were not, shall we say, rigidly enforced.  The previous clip is Rachel’s take on how Roeder was allowed to escape detection for so long.   Colleen Rowley, a home-grown FBI whistleblower said the FBI did not do enough in this case to prevent Dr. Tiller’s murder.

This has been my frustration all along.  The traditional media keeps talking about Roeder as one crazy individual who just went off.  However, when you dig deeper, you see that Roeder was surrounded by people who approve of using violence to get what they want, all in the name of God.  Here is Rachel’s take on the 6 Degrees of Randall Terry.   So why the fuck isn’t this a terror cell?  Why the hell aren’t Americans in outrage, demanding that Scott Roeder be waterboarded to tell what he knows?  He hinted that other shootings of abortion providers are planned for this week.  Ticking time bomb!  So, torture is the answer, right?  Wrong.  That was a strawman question posed out of frustration, but the underlying question remains clear.

Why the fuck are we (the sane people in the country) slowly ceding way to them (the crazy fucks who want to kill for their way of life)?  The anti-choice people keep parroting it’s about life and every life counts, but this is bullshit because obviously, a grown woman’s life does not count.  NPR had on an anti-choice surgeon (retired, male) today, and he said the killing of a life whether in the womb or not is deplorable.  I had to turn off the radio because the whole premise of the discussion was wrong.

I’m so very tired of this.  I am tired of men using their religion to bludgeon women over the head.  I am tired of my body being considered nothing more than a vessel or a container, whether it’s for their sperm or for their embryos.    Even so-called enlightened guys seem to want to quantify who deserves to have an abortion and who doesn’t.  None of these men will ever know what it’s like to be in the position of being pregnant and not wanting to have the child, for whatever reason.

In addition, what about the kids who are already born and are in dire straits?  Why aren’t the anti-choice people doing anything to help out those kids?  To me, it is the utmost hypocritical to talk about the sanctity of life with such hatred in one’s heart for anyone who’s already living.

So.  The terrorists have won.  They got the clinic shut down, and other anti-choice nuts will be emboldened by this victory.  We have not seen the last of anti-choice activists acting violently, and such is the current climate of our society that I don’t see Americans in general really giving a damn.

I would like to tap into my anger, but I can’t find it right now.  All I can do is despair.

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