I’m in My Basement and I’m Blogging

red tapeI am not wearing my pajamas, however, as there is still light out–and I sleep nude.  I’m all for nekkid blogging when I can’t be seen.  As it is, I am wearing South Park boxer shorts and a gray tank top.  In other words, as little as I can.  It’s kind of odd to be in the basement because for the most part, it’s the cats’ turf.  I come down here to do laundry and to clean the litter boxes–that’s it.  However, it’s twenty to thirty degrees cooler down here than it is up there, so I lugged the laptop down with me, and here I am.

So, I have an energy saver on my air conditioner.  Xcel (the company) decided to send out the saver guy, even though the problem had nothing to do with the saver.  My circuit breaker is tripped, and it won’t go on.  My brother explained it to me.  He said checking the saver box wouldn’t do anything.  He was right.  Saver guy left me a message.  When I talked to him, I said the circuit breaker kept tripping and wouldn’t stay on.  He said he could come tomorrow morning.  Then, I called my brother to see what he thought.  He said I should have said that the circuit breaker wouldn’t go on at all, but that it wouldn’t make a difference because they follow a certain protocol.  I called back saver guy, told him what my brother said, and he still wants to check the circuit breaker.  So, he’ll come tomorrow and discover that the circuit breaker is fine.  Then, if he can’t actually fix the problem with the unit itself (apparently it’s a different guy), he’ll have to call in a regular repair person, or I will.  Chances are, repair guy won’t be able to come tomorrow, either, which means postponing it until Wednesday or Thursday.

All this angst when, if they had listened to my brother in the first place, I might be sitting in air-conditioned splendor as I type.  Instead, I am hunkered down in my basement as the temp is over 90° outside and 84° inside.  Tomorrow, the high is suppoosed to be between 90° and 95°. This makes me not a very happy camper.  Fortunately, I have a basement that is twenty to thirty degrees cooler than it is upstairs.  Still, I’m not very pleased at all.

This reminds me of the problem with bureaucracy in general.  They have to go through each step, even if the steps are stupid or irrelevant.   Sometimes, it’s because they think the customer is too dumb to tell them exactly what is wrong.  To be fair, this is often true, especially with IT help.  Sometimes, it’s because the people on the other side of the phone line are miserable bastards who get a kick out of whatever little power they have, so they will fuck you over if they can.  Other times, it really is just lame bureaucracy.

This is actually how politics work as well.  All the lame bullshit they have to go through just to get anything done.  As Choolie pointed out in the comment section of the last post, following our government is like watching a soap opera.  So much drama and bullshit every day, but there is little that actually happens.  Once in a while a big thing occurs (yes, like the election of our first black president, even if it’s more symbolic than policy-making), but that’s very rare.

To totally switch subjects, Raven is becoming more and more of a velcro kitty.  While Shadow doesn’t mind spending time on his own and away from me–indeed, I think he enjoys it, Raven much prefers to be glued to me if possible.  If not, then he wants to be as near as possible.  If he can’t be right by me, he at leasts wants to be in whatever room I’m in.  right now, he’s sitting on a throw pillow just to the right of me, curled in a ball and sleeping.  Any time I get up, he wakes up.  He likes it when I let him sleep on my hand, but I need both hands to type.  It humbles me how much he adores me.  Sometimes, as he’s falling asleep, he’ll just gaze at me and slowly blink his eyes.

Now, Shadow is to the left of me.  I placed a blanket on a stack of boxes, and he’s nestled on top of the blanket.  He’s giving himself a bath before nodding off.  They are both within petting range.  I just talked to my brother, and as he so aptly reminded me, AC is not a necessity.  When I protested, he amended it to, “It’s not necessary to make the house run.  The pipes won’t burst if you don’t have air.”  True.  However, I might burst myself.  Still, I have to remind myself that I do have a basement that is nice and cool.  I have a laptop that I can take downstairs with me.  The sun is setting, so I can soon divest myself of my clothing.  Then, I will truly be a pajama-clad blogger blogging from her basement.  Tomorrow, I’m not going into work as I wait for Mr. Service Guy.  Here’s hoping he can fix what ails me.

9 Responses to I’m in My Basement and I’m Blogging

  1. Aw, it stinks that you’re so uncomfortable, and that you have to miss work to have the problems fixed. I hope it all shakes out.

    At least you have cats. And, I hope, a good movie. I picked up a cheapo Barbara Steele double feature DVD, so I’m a pretty happy camper myself.

    I wish I could offer some advice on the breaker tripping, but as the Terri Schaivo mess taught us, remote diagnoses usually aren’t worth a bucket of spit.

  2. Do you ever get adventurous and try to make RL friends out of Internet friends? I’ve often wondered about a BJ meet up for the Minnesota contingent of bloggers. I only ask because I keep wanting to invite you over for a swim in our pool.

    I’ve always been one of those people who runs hot (I don’t pull out a jacket until mid to late December) so I can sympathize with how miserable you must be feeling in this heat. And I bet the basement, although cool, probably amps up the humidity/musty factor.

  3. Greg, well, I work for my brother, so it’s not the biggest deal. Most of what I do is on my laptop, anyway, so I am going to work from home. Still. Movie! I still have an Alan Rickman movie I need to watch. Oooh, your last line is a great zinger. Just wish my circuit breaker was zinging, too.

    gex, I would love to meet you. I think you and I have a lot in common. I’ll drop you an email if that’s all right, and we can set up a time to meet. You have a pool?

    Yes, the basement is a bit damp and musty, but it’s cool, so that’s all that matters.

  4. Not that anybody asked, but I’d be cool with email as well. Are you on Facebook, by chance?

    What movie was it? Sadly, I nodded off during the first act of the Barbara Steele flick, but I’ll try it again tonight.

    Good luck with the A/C.

  5. Not that anybody asked, but I’d be cool with email as well. Are you on Facebook, by chance?

    Ooh, ohh! I know the answer to this one! It’s too fucking hot to do anything about it, though.

  6. gex, done.

    Greg, tried to find you on FB, but your name is pretty common. I’m on it. You can look for me under my name.

    J. Michael Neal, ha! That was funny.

  7. whabs, if you were my neighbor, we would get in so much trouble.

    I talked to my bro, and he’s taking care of it for me. What a guy!