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What Are My Priorities?

Over at BJ, there was a vociferous debate on a thread about queer rights.  I came into it late (though by the time the thread ended, apparently, I was in the middle), and it hurt.  I was essentially in agreement with some of the main points, but I was bothered by the vitriol leveled at… Continue Reading

Metaphor of My Life

I am really, really, really clumsy.  I walk into walls, corners, couches, tables, etc.  Now, partly this is because I don’t like to turn on lights.  Therefore, I am often groping around in the dark, and not in a good way.  In addition, it’s not easy to see two black cats in the dark.  Plus,… Continue Reading

My Last Post Ever on Sleep

Or not. It’s been one week of the Grand Sleep Experiment, and I have deemed it an epic fail.  It’s been, quite frankly, one of the worst sleeping weeks of my life.  Or has it? If I were to be truthful, then I would have to say that no, it hasn’t been the worst or… Continue Reading

Nekkid Blogging!

As many of my faithful readers know, I hate the heat.  What’s more, I hate the humidity.  In addition, I hate clothing.  I know, that’s a lot of hate in one paragraph, but bear with me.  Or, bare with me, as it were.  If I were a believer in the Bible, I would curse out… Continue Reading

Welcome to My Nightmare

I’ve had it.  This sleep thing is bringing me to my knees.  When I’m not staring at the inside of my mask and counting the seconds ticking by, I’m having dreams that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  I tried to count (black) sheep last night, thanks to the suggestion of Redshirt over at… Continue Reading

The Opposite of Everything

You know, it was so easy when W. was president.  I wouldn’t watch his speeches except for clips (and I would cringe as he spoke), and I pretty much ignored his existence as much as I could and still be up-to-date on what was happening in the world.  I would periodically see what W. was… Continue Reading

Third Day of Captivity

So.  I am blogging at ungodly hour on a Saturday morning, an extra-large mug of Mud Pie coffee at hand.  It’s the third day of captivity, and I am getting restless.  Oh, sorry.  I slipped into survivor mode there for a minute.  What I meant to type is that the sleep experiment, day three, isn’t… Continue Reading

The Politics of Hate

I have started a sober, thoughtful post on the shooting of the security guard at the Holocaut Museum, but I am not feeling sober nor thoughtful right now. It was an awful thing that happened.  You know the sick and twisted part?  Many on the right are trying to pretend that the asshole who did… Continue Reading

Totally Random Resolution

Well, not totally random.  Actually, not really random at all.  I have been backsliding on my sleep, and it’s really affecting me.  It’s my old way of not having to deal with the world.  I mean, who the hell can function on such a crazy sleep schedule?  Not me, that’s for sure. Except, nobody is… Continue Reading