Hungry Like the Wolf

I was a huge Duran Duran fan back in the day.  Your video for the day:

Here is a link for the original video (I can’t embed it).  Why am I posting a Duran Duran video?  Well, because I can.  Oh, and this song is pertinent to my blog entry for the day.

It’s back.  I thought it was gone, but no, it was just waiting, waiting, waiting for the perfect time to pounce.  WTF am I talking about?  My stupid sexual peak.  You can read more about it here, here, and here.  Even though Natasha had told me about this affliction in horrible details when she went through them, I truly did not understand the depths to which this peak spreads.   When I was first hit with the peak, I thought I would explode.  I wrote a personal, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results.  Then, shit happened, and the peak faded a bit.

Now, to clarify, I have always had a high sex drive.  As I have stated, I’ve never had a partner who could keep up with me.  Let me be more explicit.  I could have sex twice a day, every day.  I could have it in a car.  I could have it on a bar.  I could have it hanging by my knees.  I could have it swinging from the trees.  I could have it against a wall.  I could have it under a waterfall.  I could have it with chocolate on top.  I could have it until my partner begs me to stop.  I could have it with handcuffs and whips.  I could have it with melted chocolate chips.  I could have it morning, noon, or night.  I could have it with black, yellow, red, brown, or white.  I could have it in twos and threes.  I could have it on my knees.  I could have it with folks of all genders.  I could have it with them all at one time, in one hell of a bender.

I could have it dressed as a dominatrix.  I could have it just for kicks.  I could have it following a night of slow seduction.  I could have it as a big production.  I could have it in five minutes quick.  I could have it with a kiss and a lick.  I could have it  on all fours.  I could have it behind closed doors.   I could have it on a bed.  I could have it until I’m dead.  I could have it with the lights on.  I could have it from dusk until dawn.  I could have it with dildoes and nipple clamps.  I could have it on freeway entrance ramps.  I could have it with Alan Rickman (in my dreams).  I could have it done with tag teams.  I could have it for days and days and days.  I could have it in so many different ways.

Oh, sorry.  I was channeling my inner Dr. Seuss.  Strangely enough, he sounds a bit like Dr. Ruth instead.




Ok.  Back to the point.

I want to fuck.  I want to fuck as many men as I can.  I wouldn’t mind a woman or two in the mix, but that’s a bit harder to find.  While I was watching the MLB All-Star Game, all I could think about was how so totally hot Ichiro is, what a cute butt Joe Nathan has, and how BIG Ryan Howard is–if you get my drift.  It’s damn distracting to be thinking about carnal things while I’m trying to watch a baseball game.  Then, I have Joe Buck and Tim McCarver nattering in my ears, totally harshing my sex high.

But, ooooh, there was President Barack Obama throwing out the first pitch, chatting with the players (with Ichiro grinning like a little boy), and stopping in the booth with Joe and Tim.  I know this isn’t appropriate, but our president is so fucking hot.  It’s not just his looks (though he has a very nice body); it’s his voice and his intelligence.  It’s his quick, easy grin and his respectful manners.  It’s the whole fucking package.

Damn.  It’s so distracting to be constantly lusting.  I have all these other fucking things I need to do, but I’m getting caught up in my sexual drive again.  I’ve been told that I’m a freak because I think about sex so much and because I envision how certain people will be in bed.  Another bi woman I knew a loooong time ago said that women didn’t think about stuff like that.  She couldn’t understand how I could look at someone on the street and imagine him/her in bed.  I said, “Easy!  I just imagine them naked, and I take it from there.”  She was not amused.

You want to know what the sad part is?  Despite my openess online and my bravado persona, I have many hangups that make it difficult for me to just go out there and pick up people.  In addition, I’m not into the club scene any more, not that I really was.  Still, I used to go to dance clubs once a month or so back in the day.  Not any more.  Kiki and I would dress up really cutely, grab a bite to eat, then dance until one or two in the morning.  We’d scope out the situation, I’d maybe grab a number, and then we would go to Perkins to eat before staggering home at three or four.

These days?  We’re yawning by ten p.m.  She has a kid now, so she has an excuse.  If I make it to midnight, then I’m good to go until four or five, but I don’t always make it until midnight.  Plus, I’m fat now.  I know, I know, there are men who like fat women and many women don’t care, but I don’t feel comfortable in my body right now.

In addition, my mom is coming home for her annual visit.  She’s going to be here a month and a half this time.  She’s coming in two weeks–which means I have to clean.  I fucking hate cleaning.  This is not the optimal time to be on the prowl, but my body is telling me that it won’t wait that long.   It’s a bit disconcerting because while I enjoy sex very much, I can also do without it, for the most part.  I’m like a camel in that I hoard up sex because I tend to have long draughts.  If I have sex, then it becomes a driving need again.   If I go for more than a year without sex, I can handle it.

This sexual peak is a whole different animal.  I am now going to evaluate people like this.  Fuckable or no?  If I am going to do a second round of slut years, then it’s going to be the hottest, most primal, physically-based sex I can find.  I want it to be so incendiary, I can light a cigarette with my pussy after I come.  Now, I just have to figure out the best way to get this accomplished.  Stay tune.  I’ll keep you apprised of further developments.

To close out this entry, here is a jazz version of the above song, set to the Tex Avery Red Hot Riding Hood video.  Enjoy.

17 Responses to Hungry Like the Wolf

  1. Shamefully, “Hungry Like the Wolf” is a favorite of mine when I do karaoke. Happily for the sanity and well-being of everyone in this small town, I’m aware of no karaoke here.

    You know my rule — consenting adults, no one gets hurt. I can’t easily picture you wanting to hurt anyone, so I say go for it. Not that you need my permission, of course.

    More later, after work.

  2. LOVED the Dr. Seuss possessed by Dr. Ruth bit! Plus, it was kinda hot.

    There are SO many degrees of sexual appetite. Your friend telling you that ‘normal’ women don’t think about strangers naked – WTF? I used to think I was a bad person for doing that, but no more. Just because someone has a low sexual appetite doesn’t mean they get to call it ‘normal.’ It’s like white people thinking of themselves as the default. I don’t think of myself as ‘normal,’ but I also don’t care.

    Maybe this is TMI, I could have sex twice a day, and I’d STILL want to masturbate 2-3 times that same day. I may be married, but I rarely get to have sex twice a day. I shoot for twice a week. I know, still more than you”re getting right now (sorry). But if you were in a LTR, twice a week would be disappointing to you as well.

    Your mom’s paying a really long visit. Hope you can have a total debauch when you have the place to yourself again. If I knew Alan Rickman, I’d send him over the day after she left wearing nothing but a trench coat.

  3. Gregory, there ain’t no shame in admitting to singing Duran Duran at karaoke. It’s fun, especially Hungry Like the Wolf with all the doo-doo-doo-doos.

    No one gets hurt? Then, what’s the fun in that? Oh, you mean no forcing sex. That’s a given. however, I cannot promise that my partner will be intact after I’m done with him/her. I can be relentless. Maybe I need a waiver form or something.

    “If your penis/vagina gets broken, it’s not my the fault of Ms. Hong.”

    Choolie, you make me laugh because I was gonna add the masturbating line, but I thought no one would believe me or it would sound like I was bragging. See, your description of married life is another reason I don’t want a long-term monogamous relationship–no sex! Yes, I know there are other important things in a relationship, but it would really frustrate me to have a cock handy and not be able to use it. Seriously.

    That’s why, multiple partners is the way to go. As I have stated before, I wouldn’t mind a harem of seven men and seven women.

    P.S. If you send Alan Rickman to my house, make sure he’s bringing sausage pizza and dark chocolate with him.

  4. Haha – I didn’t marry him to stud for me, but it can be tough sometimes. I’m already working on the multiple partners thing, with an informed spouse. I think a harem that big would be too much of a handful OUTSIDE the bedroom, but way to reach for the stars!

    And BTW, Gregory, some kinds of pain can be VERY pleasurable to some consenting adults 😉

  5. Choolie, I forgot to say that I am thinking of writing Dr. Seuss-Ruth books for adults. Whaddya think?

    If I had a harem, they wouldn’t live with me! I would house them somewhere downtown and give them a couple of cars so they can come visit me, then they can go away.

    Good luck with informed spousal consent. Sounds like you need to sign a waiver form, too.

    I agree that many kinds of pain can be pleasurable between consenting adults–thus, the mention of handcuffs and whips.

  6. No kidding on Governor Sanford. He needed a waiver form, big time!

    That link is fucking hilarious.

  7. Marriage kills sex.
    Everyone knows the bean in the jar experiment right?
    Couples put a bean in a jar every time they had premarital sex. Then once they are married, they take ONE bean out after each time they have sex. The theory holds that you will NEVER empty that jar.
    Save Sex!
    Live in Sin;-)

  8. Gregory, there ain’t no shame in admitting to singing Duran Duran at karaoke.

    Yeah, but there’s shame in sucking at it as much as I do.

    No one gets hurt? Then, what’s the fun in that? Oh, you mean no forcing sex. That’s a given.

    Hey, I never said no pain, as long as it’s consensual. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. 😉 I mean that more along the lines of no cruelty or abuse.

    it would really frustrate me to have a cock handy and not be able to use it. Seriously.

    Then I better not make you dinner after all. 😉

    And I have to speak up in defense of married couples, at least this one. I have not complaints about my relationship with my lovely wife. (Working five days a week out of state, yes, but that’s different. Walking into this conversation right in the middle of that time wasn’t such a hot idea.) Marriage didn’t change things much, though having kids — and the resulting fatigue — did somewhat.

    But as I said, whatever works for the individual, no matter how kinky, even if it’s so far as a plain vanilla heterosexual marriage.

  9. Sorry, that middle paragraph was also addressed, respectfully, to Choolie.

    I guess I’ll share something I’ve already told Minna. My mother’s a feminist, and I like to think she taught me well — so much so, in fact, that a couple of my lovers had to teach me to revise rules I had against hurting a woman or using certain words. But then, when it’s a matter of consent, insistence goes a long way, doesn’t it?

  10. whabs, that’s my view of marriage, I fear. Even in long-term relationships, it happens.

    Gregory…ten foot pole…touch not…

    Ok. Hey, if marriage works for you, that’s a good thing. As you said, whatever works for you. I gotta say, though, a monogamous heterosexual marriage actually seems MORE kinky to me these days than anything else. Heh.

  11. It isn’t *that* big, Minna. Wait, what?

    But seriously, not that I’m necessarily talking about my own situation, but marriage doesn’t really rule out almost any kind of kink one can imagine, either. Including heterosexual monogamy.

  12. Gregory, oh, I know there are all kinds of flavors of marriage–it’s just that we, as a society, get the stereotypical image of marriage shoved down our collective throats.

    As for my comment, you can figure it out on your own. Heh.

  13. Gregory, I agree that schedules have something to do with the frequency (or lack thereof) of sex in a marriage. If I didn’t have his support, I couldn’t do all the wonderful things I can do now. Kids are also a huge damper, though I don’t have that to contend with. Plus, I married my husband for many reasons beyond sex – I kept in mind that someday we hope to be OLD together. I know they talk about how elderly people are still having hot sex, and I want to age gracefully in that respect, but realistically it won’t be the same as when I was twenty. Period. And that’s OK.

  14. Absolutely, Choolie. My lovely wife and I also got married for reasons other than sex — we already had that! We also plan to grow old together. (And in my case it’s working.) I wish you the same. Kids are wonderful — they take a lot of energy, but it’s very rewarding and so worth it. As I’m in my 40s, few things are the same as in my 20s, but it isn’t worse, just different. It’s very OK.

  15. Choolie, and Gregory, you make me want to consider the thought of entertaining the possibility of living in the same house with someone. Sniff, sniff.