Fuck Them (and Not in a Good Way)

Group_middle_fingersI’m furious.  I’m enraged.  I’m weary.  I’m horny, but that’s not going to be part of the post today.  In the comments from my last post, whabs brings up the point that guilt is supposed to be a part of what it means to be a woman.  I have learned that lesson all-too-well.  I feel guilty nearly every goddamn minute of my life.  I have learned to mitigate it somewhat so it’s just a muted chorus, but it used to dominate my thoughts.  Which was why I was suicidal by age eleven.  Well, not the only reason, but one of them.

In no particular order, I felt guilty for not being married, for not having children, for being bi, for being loud about issues such as racism, for not being a Christian, for letting myself get out of shape, for thoroughly enjoying sex in so many different ways and with so many different people, for not making more of myself, for wasting my life, for not having to worry as much about money as do other people, for not being able to single-handedly save the world, for being alternately aloof and clingy, for being so damn narcisstic, for craving fame, for not working hard enough to get said fame, for being a repudiation of everything my mom is, for accidentally kicking Raven twice today, for not being a better aunt/sister/daughter/friend/cat caregiver, for the Cold War, for evaluating my worth as how skinny I am, for not being enough of ______  (fill in the blank) and too much of _______  (fill in this blank, too).

Now, while I’m worrying about everything little thing I’ve ever done wrong and will ever do wrong in my life, there are people who act like their shit don’t stink.  Because I follow politics, my examples are of politicians and of the so-called pundits who opine about said pols.

First, the song Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry because I need it.  It was suggested to me by one of those FB quizzes.  It’s my stripper song, apparently.

Ok.  Now, on to the screed.

Here are people who need to feel guilty and don’t (the short list because these are the ones who are currently bugging me the most):

  1. Pat Rober–er, Buchanan
  2. C-Street Mafia
  3. Stupid rightwing pundits, especially the hacks such as Ross Douthat and Jonah Goldberg
  4. GOP members who questioned Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court spot

First up, Pat Buchanan.  He is considered a prominent Republican for some unfathomable reason.  He has a permanent seat on the MSNBC lineup bench, and he’s frequently seen spouting his vitrolic venom on the webs as well.  His latest hatchet job has been on Sonia Sotomayor for entirely spurious reasons.  I know Rachel calls him “Uncle Pat” and thinks he argues with class, but even she raised her voice at him tonight in the segment on her show in which she called him out on his despicably racist views.  I don’t know how it ended because I clicked to the next video clip (about the C-Street Mafia, ironically) in order to try to tamp down my rage, and then, I got up and punched a wall.

Buchanan made it disgustingly clear that he is a racist fucker who thinks white people are always superior to people of color.  He dismissed all the accomplishments of Sonia Sotomayor (which are vast), and he got angry and defensive when Rachel called him on it.  He thinks that white men are the victims now–hey, Buchanan, quick heat check for you–take a look at the boards of all the big banks and tell me how many non-white men are sitting on them.   Look at the top of any corporation and see how many women of color are there.  Then, come back and fucking talk to me about racism against white men.

He went on to spout how this country was built by white men, how the constitution was written by white men,  and how the wars up until the Battle of…Normandy?  That can’t be right.  I refuse to look it up, though, were fought by white men.   So in other words, white makes right?  Or excuse me, might makes right.  Ed. note: Yes, he said Normandy.  Even though he’s been corrected on that many times before.

Besides, fuck you, Pat Buchanan!  This country was taken from the indigeneous people after a massive genocide.  This country was built on the backs of slaves from Africa and coolies from China.   This country is continuing to be built on the back of migrant workers who come here from Mexico in order to feed their families.  This country was run by white men because they decided it so, not because they were more qualified.  For you to suggest that to have only 2 people of color out of 110 is because the white people fucking deserved it more makes me want to punch you in the face.

I am a pacifist.  An angry, cynical, bitter pacifist, true, but a pacifist, nonetheless.  However, vitriol and smug entitlement like the shit you spew make me see red.  It’s an extension of this (and yes, I’m linking to myself.  So sue me), and Buchanan takes it to its ugly conclusion.

It’s beyond frustrating because there is no way to argue with this mindset.  Anything said in Sotomayor’s defense, for example, can be brushed away with, “affirmative action” and be done with it.  She made it into Princeton and Yale?  Affirmative action.  She graduated summa cum laude at Princeton?  Affirmative action.  She was the editor of the Yale Law Review?  Affirmative action.  Buchanan even trotted out the tired old, “Half the students graduate cum laude from Ivy League schools, Rachel!  I know it and you know it!” line.  By the way, I fucking hate that, “you know it” bullshit.  At least Rachel said, “No, I don’t know it.”  The problem with a bully like Buchanan is that he simply can’t be outshouted (though Larry O’Donnell gave it a hell of a try on a previous show).  Oh, and as for the ridiculous, “half the students graduate cum laude” at Ivy Schools, what a bunch of bullshit.  First of all, summa cum laude is the highest honor one can receive.  It’s not the same as cum laude.  Secondly, I graduated magna cum laude from a much lesser-known school (and Phi Beta to boot), and I worked my ass off (hey, maybe that’s why I don’t have an ass) to get my magna.  In fact, it was because of one messed up semester (my first one) that I didn’t reach summa.  I graduated with a 3.8 something in my major.  That was pretty damn hard, too.  I would have had a perfect 4.0 in my major if it wasn’t for the B I got in my Intro to Psych class and the shittiest prof ever, but no, I’m not still bitter about it, thank you very much.

The point of all my grade-flaunting is that I went to St. Olaf College.  It’s a private liberal arts college here in MN.  It’s a good college, and it has a decent reputation, but it is no Ivy League school.  Plus, at the risk of repeating myself, Sonia Sotomayor attended Princeton at a time when they had a quota limiting the number of women allowed to attend.  Justice Alito was involved in a group who wanted to keep out minorities and women from Princeton.  Maybe “Uncle Pat” and the insufferable bastards of the GOP should have a little chat with him about how Princeton operated back in the day?  They won’t, of course, because it would ruin their story line.

Hm.  This is running long as usual.  I will wrap it up about Pat Buchanan tonight and tackle the other three points on my list in a further entry (entries, most likely).  This is how I feel right now, by the way.  It’s Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses, and it takes several seconds to load.

I am tired of MSNBC treating Pat Buchanan like the lovable loony uncle whom everyone avoids at the family reunion.  He is a vile, repellent, ugly, vicious, bitter old man who has lived a life of entitlement and who is now panicking because he’s perceiving that life being yanked out from under his feet.  He can’t fathom a woman of color being equal to (not to mention better than) a white man for any job (except maybe housemaid), especially not one as high as Supreme Court Justice.

In addition,  it was Melissa Harris Lacewell, Princeton associate professor and majorly gorgeous, who went on Olbermann’s show after it was disclosed that Sotomayor belongs (belonged now, she resigned) to an all-women’s professional association  called the Balezian Grove.  Predictably, Rush and others of his ilk mewled, “Imagine if a man belonged to such an all-male group like this.”  Oh, like, say, the Supreme Court?  Or the C-Street Mafia?

Anyway, Melissa Harris-Lacewell makes an important point on Countdown (about a month ago).  The Supreme Court makes decisions that affect all members of society.  Some white men (most likely subconsciously) can’t imagine having their lives affected so by a Latina!  As Harris-Lacewell stated, all white male Supreme Courts  ruled on slavery and immigration.  They got to decide things for people of color and for women for most of our history.  When you have the power, it’s unnerving to give up even a tiny portion of it.

I am disgusted by Pat Buchanan.  I wish MSNBC were, too.  Alas, old white male GOP members can say whatever the fuck they want and not worry about losing their jobs.  How the fuck isn’t that some kind of affirmative action?

Oh, and because I need a small picker-upper after watching “Uncle Fucking Pat” and writing this entry, I give to you, Kylie Minogue.  My fake hubby from BJ posted it there some days ago because he knows I have a (guilty) thing for Kylie Minogue, as does he.  He says if you’re gay and Australian as he is, it’s practically mandated to have a thing for Kylie.  She’s not the best singer, and she’s not my type, but she has a nice butt, and she’s having a blast in this video.  Plus, hot gay boyz.  I love ’em.  I can’t embed it here, so link for you.  Enjoy.

9 Responses to Fuck Them (and Not in a Good Way)

  1. Pat Buchanan is an old, open, festering wound. This is probably a bad thing to type, but one day he will join the likes of Ronald Reagan, Dick Nixon, Charlton Heston.
    As far as the Sotomayor fuck-athon goes. I find it incredibly fucking amazing that a bunch of old, rich, privileged, bigoted, racist, predominately white men can sit around, say racist things and call her racist.
    Jeff Sessions pretty much summed it up with his “do that crack cocaine thing” comment. What a fitting example of context to wind their witch hunt down with.
    Happy Friday everyone! (Unless it’s already Saturday for you, in which case, Happy Hangover Day snee)

  2. It’s amazing that the Repubs (and their media mouthpieces like Buchanan) are being so overtly racist during these hearings.

    They are basically writing off the Hispanic vote (which is only going to grow over the next 20 years) for a generation.

    Yeah, they’re playing to their base, but that base is shrinking… and everyone else is running away from the craziness that has become the GOP. (Now if only we could dislodge some of the right wingers on the Supreme Court…)

  3. whabs, I am right there with you. Racist fucker needs to STFU and/or go to hell. Preferably, both. That crack cocaine remark was priceless, and Olbermann (I think it was Keith) nailed him on it.

    It galls me that a man like Sessions, one who said he thought the KKK were ok until he found out they smoked pot, can continually harp on one fucking quote out of context to ‘prove’ that Sotomayor is racist. Colbert hit it on the head when he said that being a white male was being neutral, so it’s only people of color who are affected by their experiences.

    Alex, incredibly enough, it seems the Republicans actually buy the myth that America is a right-leaning nation. They believe that they aren’t getting their message across effectively enough, not that America has rejected their message.

    The other problem is that they seem to believe that all white people feel the way they do. That will be their ultimate downfall, I think. They and their ilk are dying off. Soon, they will be mostly gone. I hope.

  4. I agree with the last two posts; while it isn’t that viable an option for me any more, I tried to do my bit when I was single.

    I’m part Sicilian — which means I have a smidgen of Moorish blood — part German, part Irish, part German, part English, part Jewish, part Spanish, and part Ford knows what else. I couldn’t afford to be racist; I’d bite my own tail.

    I’ll tell who what else, too. It may scare the hell out of Buchanan and his rancid lot, but kids who are even more mixed than mine are are nothing unusual at all, and they’re only going to become more so. Buchanan’s pissed because he’s on the losing side of history. Of course, why the so-called “liberal media” give his rancid hogwash a public megaphone is beyond comprehension.

    SillyWhabbit, much of the speculative fiction I’ve read postulates that when humanity goes into space, it won’t be able to afford *not* to mix its gene pool as much as possible. Poulations won’t be large enough that any race can afford to remain “pure;” they’d inbreed their colonies to inevitable disaster. I like the idea.

  5. Gregory, it’s so noble of you to have all that interracial sex for the sake of your country! You are a true patriot. Why, it makes me want to go out and get me some of that interracial sex so I can make beautiful interracial babies myself! Hey, if y’all can use that as an excuse, so can I!

    I am a purebreed myself (except for the stray dallying Portuguese and/or Dutch or two), so I’m doing my part to kill out ethnic purity by NOT procreating!

    Bottom line: Buchanan and his ilk are on their way out. I just have to bide my time.

  6. Oh, please don’t ascribe any nobility to it…I was having all that interracial sex for the same reason I had any other kind of sex, for the mutual satisfaction of myself and my partner. And babies were definitely something to be avoided until I got married. Of course being a mutt myself, I it’s inevitable that my babies would be as well.

    By the same token, if denying ethnic purity is your goal, not procreating isn’t the only path. You could find a worthy man of a different ethnic background, after all. (Sadly, as I understand the situation in Asia, it might be scandalous enough in some quarters if your mate was Japanese, Korean or somesuch, not to say that anyone close to you subscribes to this theory.) So you should not procreate only because you don’t want to procreate.

    I have a friend who’s half Asian and half Caucasian, whose spouse is African-American. Their children are among the most beautiful I’ve never seen (next to my own, of course).

    Of course, it becomes hard to bide one’s time when the so-called “liberal media” gives racist cranks like Buchanan a national platform to spew their garbage.

  7. Gregory, what? You weren’t having interracial sex in order to further muddy the blood lines? I’m crushed!

    True story: My dad offered my brother a sports car to marry a Taiwanese woman. Funny, I got no such offer and only heard about it because my brother told me. In my family, the worst would be a Mainlander. Multiracial kids are beautiful. I think it’s because they get the best of all genes.

    I was trying to give myself a noble reason not to procreate instead of the old, “I’m a selfish bitch” reason that I usually trot out. Oh well. I’m a selfish bitch who refuses to do my part in keeping the world stuffed to the gills (heh. I typed fills first) with people.

    As to your last point, yes, indeed. That’s why I have made the personal vow not to watch Buchanan speak ever again. Why bother?