Monthly Archives: October 2009

Why I Blog/I Am Raw

I blog because I can.  OK, that’s a flippant answer, which is what I do best–flippancy.  In the beginning, I started blogging because I felt like I had a whole lot of shit to say, and I didn’t want to wear out my friends by ranting and railing at them until I turned blue in… Continue Reading

Facing My Demons

My demons are out full force today.  They are panicking because I am moving away from them, and they get extra-nasty when they’re mad.  They know that this is their last-ditch effort to hold onto me, and so, they are doing their damnedest to reel me back in. They whisper their sweet, seductive lies, and… Continue Reading

I Will Survive?

I have a good memory.  My friends will tell you that I can recite conversations almost verbatim, even weeks after we’ve had them.  I’ve lost a little of my capacity to store random trivia or lyrics from the eighties as I get older, but that just leaves more room in my brain for more important… Continue Reading

In the Darkness of My Mind*

Deep meditation.  Breath in and out.  Focus on my breath.  Feel rooted, balanced, and centered.  Let go of anxiety, tension, and sadness.  Focus on my breathing–nothing but my breathing. Flash–She’s two and as cute as a button.  She has the traditional Asian bowl cut, and she is standing on top of the coffee table.  As she… Continue Reading