Monthly Archives: January 2010

Back on Terra Firma for 2010

All right.  Now that I’ve thrown my fantasy wishlist for 2010 out there, I’m going to try to come up with a more reasonable list.  Now, since I tend to be CDO about things, we shall see how well I do.  Let me repost the list: Lose 100 pounds Become self-supporting and self-sufficient Buy my… Continue Reading

For Yutsano–Puppehs!

Hey, hon.  An entry just for you.  The mostly tan girl is Daisy.  The mostly black girl is Luna (the most recent addition, and a rescue).  They get along fabulously.  Enjoy! P.S.  For everyone else, these are not my dogs, obviously.  They belong to my boys’ foster mother, Marie. Continue Reading

My 2010 Fantasy Wish List

I don’t make NY Resolutions, so this is not going to be about that.  Instead, this is going to be about…well, you’ll see. As I was driving back from the airport to my house, I felt some relief to be getting away from my family and the pernicious insidiousness of Taiwanese beliefs about women, family,… Continue Reading