Q.  Does the world really need another blog?

A.  Yes.

Q. Why are you blogging?

A.  I am a writer, and I am passionate about social change.  In addition, I have a definitely quirky look on the world, and I want to share that with the world at large.  In other words, I plan on taking over the world one reader at a time.

Q.  What is up with the MEH in the title of the blog?

A.  They are my initials.

Q.  Will I enjoy reading your blog?

A.  It depends.  Do you like well-written screeds laced with sarcastic humor, ranging on topics from race to politics to LGBT issues to religion with a little of pop culture and sports thrown into the mix?  If so, then you will possibly enjoy this blog.  At the very least, I hope I give you something to ponder as you go about your daily business.

Q.  What’s up with the movie reviews?  Why are there two reviews for some of the movies?

A.  In general, I don’t like movies.  However, I love Netflix, so I decided it would be interesting for someone who doesn’t like movies to review them and call them Netflix reviews.  The problem is, most reviews reveal things that are better left unsaid for someone who hasn’t seen the movie yet.  To that end, I decided to write ‘before you see the movie’ reviews and ‘after you see the movie’ reviews.  In the former, I will keep spoilers to a minimum.  In the latter, I will discuss the movies full-stop.  In other words, they will be the most fun to read, but best left until after you see the movies discussed.

Q.  What are your rules on commenting in your blog?

A.  I am open to debate that is open, honest, and even heated.  I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to comments, but I will not stand for personal attacks on other readers.  That is non-negotiable.  I review comments before I post them, and I will not post anything that denigrates another reader.

Addendum: What it comes down to is respect.  If a commenter does not show respect for others, I most likely will not post the comment.  Or, I might post it and dissect it.  Snark is highly appreciated, but condescension and meanness is not.  Yes, it’s a fine line, but like pornography, I know it when I see it.  I will add more to this, but the bottom line is, I alone get to decide who posts to my blog.

Q.  Isn’t this a public blog?  Doesn’t that mean that anyone can comment?

A.  It’s a public blog in the sense that anyone can read it.  However, I ‘own’ the blog, if you will, so I get the final say as to who is welcome to comment and who is not.  This is not a democracy, but I am going to try to make it a benevolent dictatorship.

Q.  What’s up with the dates and times  in some of the entries?  Why are they so old?

A.  I have written a lot over my lifetime, and I will be posting some of those older essays/papers/pieces in this blog.  I will leave the date/time on the piece so the readers will know the entry isn’t current.

Q.  Why do you use pseudonyms for your friends and family?

A.  By writing my blog, I have voluntarily given up a measure of my privacy.  In contrast, my friends and family have made no such choice.  Therefore, they all get pseudonyms to protect their identities.

Q.  What the fuck is up with the Alan Rickman love?

A.  Alan Rickman is a god.  I will brook no dissent on this issue.

Q.  Why do you say fuck so much?

A.  Because.

(To be continued)