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Truly Madly Deeply–Before You See It

                                                                                                                               4:00 a.m.             1/15/16/05 I have long since established that two things make any movie better.  Cello music and Alan Rickman.  Truly Madly Deeply have both, which makes it one of my favorite movies.  No, those aren’t the only reasons I like this movie so much, but it’s a good start.  In fact, Alan Rickman is… Continue Reading

Truly Madly Deeply–After You See It

                                                                                                                                      9:35 p.m.  12/26/04 Today, I am still depressed from yesterday.  I decide to pop in another movie after watching the twelve o’clock football game.  This time, a true comedy.  Truly Madly Deeply.  It’s like Ghost, I thought, except it has Alan Rickman in it with a really, really bad porn mustache.  In fact, I almost… Continue Reading

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone–After You See It

                                                                                                                           3:14 a.m.         12/22/23/04 Ok.  Since I am obsessed with Jason Isaacs and Alan Rickman, I decided I needed to watch the first and third Harry Potter again.  I mean, before, I didn’t recognize the hotness that is Snape-ok, that is Rickman playing Snape-and I actually thought there could be too much Snape.  What rot… Continue Reading

Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone–Before You See It

                                                                                                                           4:18 a.m.         1/15/16/05 The first time I saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I had more important business to take care of-such as watching someone’s ass as he lay on the floor before me.  That’s why when I watched it the second time, a few years later, I couldn’t remember seeing it before. … Continue Reading

Close My Eyes–Before You See It

                                                                                                2:34 p.m.          1/14/05 Close My Eyes is the current Alan Rickman fare up to bat.  If a movie is going to be a one-concept conceit, then that concept better be one hell of a winner, or the movie is going to fall singularly flat.  In this case, the conceit is an incestuous…fling between brother… Continue Reading

Close My Eyes–After You See It

   4:13 a.m.          1/10/11/05 I have two simple rules for a movie which will immediately improve its viability tenfold.  One, the cello.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  The cello is the most beautiful instrument known to humankind.  Any movie is better off with a bit of cello in it.  The second… Continue Reading