Happy New Year, Sans Resolutions

New YearsThis is part two of my welcome.  Last year, I had one resolution–to regret the things I’ve done versus the things I haven’t done.  This year, I have none.  Why?  Because while I am satisfied with meeting last year’s resolution, I don’t have a good history of keeping my resolutions.  I am sure most of you can relate to that.

The problem is, I usually make too broad and sweeping of resolutions.  You know the type.  I resolve to lose fifty pounds, exercise three hours a day, write for five hours a day, and make a million dollars.  Inevitably, I would fail, and then I would give it all up.  Resolutions don’t really work because there’s nothing magical about January 1.  It’s just a day like any other.  I’ve started diets on a certain day before (Saturday, usually), and that doesn’t really make a difference either.

This year, I am going to have goals instead.  These will be monthly or weekly or daily goals that are easily achievable rather than epic and sweeping.  For instance, one of my goals is to post a blog entry every week.  Ideally, I will do more, but one post a week is more than attainable.  I have a Wolves daily calendar that I got from the World Wildlife Fund, so I can plan my life in minutia.  I have figured out that I am better if I map things out step-by-step than if I just do things on the fly.  Check back in a year to see if I am able to keep up with my goals.

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