Is Something Big Happening Today?

official_portrait_of_barack_obamaWell, since this is a slow day, I’ll just blog about the metaphysical musings that flit through my mind–oh, who am I kidding?  It’s Obama all day long!  I am wearing my Obama/Biden sweatshirt, nestled under two blankets, watching the pageantry of the inauguration ceremonies.  Here are my thoughts.

Sweet poetic justice that Cheney pulled his back yesterday as he was moving out.  I would find something snarky to say except I just got a glimpse of VP-Elect Joe Biden, and that makes me smile.

Oh God, it’s Obama.  He looks so somber.  I’m tearing up already.  He looks so alone.  He’s juuuuust about to step out into the crowd.  I can’t imagine the roar that will arise when he comes out.

The crowd is intoxicating.  I hate crowds, but…I wanna be there!  Here we go.  Oh god, it’s sinking in.  Shit.  It’s actually gonna happen.  We are about to swear in the first African American president.

He looks so good and dignified.  Somber, grave, but still, joyful.  Such slim shoulders upon which our hopes and burdens are laid.  I love the cheer of ‘O-ba-ma’ that spontaneously erupts from the crowd every now and then.

Yes, I am weeping.  I am also frustrated with MSNBC because the stream keeps freezing up.  I’m sure it’s because there are so many people watching, but still!

The sight is breathtaking.  People lining the mall as far as eyes can see.  Dianne Feinstein is speaking.   Nice speech, but where’s Barack??????  I have a feeling this is going to be my theme for the next half hour or so.

Gah.  MSNBC just showed W. looking….uh, wistful?  Yeah, about as wistful as he can get.

She’s still talking.  Dianne, we are not here to see you, honey.  Then again, when will you have an audience this huge again?

Rick Warren.  Fuck.  Do I listen or not?  At least he’s not wearing a Hawaiian shirt.  Fucker.  I hate him.  So phony.  He’s so about himself.  Blah blah blah….Christian Christian….what a hypocrite.  I really wish he would start spouting the bullshit he really believes.  He’s a jackass.  The rage is filling me.  How the fuck can he take MLK’s name in vain?  MLK would turn his back on this buffoon.  All I can think about is how he took away our civil rights.  How dare he speak about justice for all?  Just shut the fuck up.  He’s talking about respect for each other?  God may forgive him, but I sure as hell won’t.  Oh no he didn’t!  He’s so fucking boring!  Besides all his idiotic beliefs–he’s just not a good speaker.  Where are the people turning their backs on him?

Shut the fuck up already.  he’s actually saying the Lord’s Prayer!  You have to be kidding me.  He’s the evil of which he speaks.  Well.  That was disappointing and so not worth anything.

Now.  On to Aretha Franklin.  I don’t like her, either, but for different reasons.  She can’t sing.  Yes, I know it’s heretical, but that seems to be my role in life.

Joe-the-soon-to-be-VP is now being sworn in.  You know what that means.  Obama is next!  He’s now Vice President Joe Biden.  Which means Dick Cheney is NOT VP any more.  Woot!

Yo-Yo Ma!  I love him and the cello.  Itzhak Perlman is teh awesome, too.  I want this man.  I know, very inapporpriate, but Yo-Yo Ma!  He’s a cute Asian guy who plays the cello.  Need I say more?  I think not.  That was amazing.

Oh my god.  It’s actually happening.  Is Barack not listening?  I think he’s in a fog because he couldn’t repeat the oath.

Shit.  That’s it?  He’s now president?  Finally.  The time has come.  Here’s the speech.

He looks like a president.  He sounds like a president.  I can finally exhale.  I know he is talking about serious things, like how bad our country has become.  However, there is a quiet confidence to the man that soothes.  Even if it’s just for one day, I feel the hope again.  It had suffered in the last couple months with all the shit that has been going on.

When he speaks, I actually believe him.  What’s more, I actually believe he believes what he is saying.  He’s really hitting his stride now.  Wait a minute!  I got a shout-out as a ‘nonbeliever’.  Huh.  For the first time.  Mebbe he really means it about including everybody?  We shall see.  For now, I am just enjoying and luxuriating in his glorious words.

Finally, a president who is a poet.  In our times of distress, he is exactly what we need.  I am numb.  Too many emotions coursing through me.  My system is overloaded.  Raven is on my lap, kneading.  That helps.  Nothing like a warm kitty to touch the heart.  Now, he’s about to pounce on his brother.

For a long time, the pundits have wondered whether Obama was going to invoke Lincoln or MLK Jr.  Well, he did, but he also invoked George Washington–most aptly, I might add.

Joseph Lowery.  What a refreshing contrast to the Saddleback Quack.  I still think there should be no prayer, but this is much better than the invocation.

Now, I just want to watch  W. LEAVE.

Ok, I don’t like Chris Matthews, but I can tolerate it when balanced with Keith, Rachel, and Gene Robinson.

With that, I present to you for the first time (oh, how I love these words), President Barack Obama.  Welcome to a new day, America.

Addendum:  Oooooh, here it comes.  President Barack Obama is escorting Ex-President W. out the door.  I am soo  excited.  There’s Dickie being wheeled out.  Yes, yes, yes.  The nightmare is over.  For real?  Seriously?  Yes, we did!  Shit.  Just.  Leave.  W. Byeeeeee, Dickie!  So sad, too bad.   Hurry, hurry, get the fuck out, W.!  I never thought I’d live to see this day–the back-end of W.  I think W. is happy to get the hell out of there.  Executive One.  Not Marine One.  No longer president.  Bye bye Bushie.  I am elated!  Giddy!  In fact, I am way more joyous right now than when President Obama was sworn-in.

It’s still not sinking in, but soon.

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