Finally, Feline Fondness

Well, it’s that day, finally.  The day when I can stop talking about love!  I was running out of things I love, so I’m relieved that today is the final day of gushing.  What is the topic of the day?  Why, my cats, of course.  In their honor, here is the song Lovecats by The Cure.

I love my cats, Raven and Shadow.  They came into my life during a low period, and they gave me something to think about other than my miserable self.  On the days I didn’t feel like getting out of bed, I made myself because they had to be fed and caressed.  They were nine months when I got them, but they still seemed like kittens to me.  I loved watching them explore the house together, acclimating themselves to their new home.  If they got separated, they would call to each other until they found one another again.

Raven–I love how expressive he is.  Granted, I don’t like it when he yowls at the top of his lungs, but I do find it amusing when he meows crossly at me, and I answer in kind.  We can have an entire conversation this way, with only one of us knowing what we are saying.  I love how he thwacks me with his tail (whippet-like) when he is angry or when I try to hold onto said tail.  He is so expressive with his tail that he doesn’t really need the yowling to punctuate his thoughts.

Shadow–I love how independent he is.  He likes to do his own thing ninety-percent of the time, and then, suddenly, he’ll hurry over to me and scrunch up his back, demanding to be pet.  He’s bigger than his brother, but he has a high, sweet meow that belies his killer instincts.  I love how he waddles when he hurries, sometimes tripping over his own paws in his eagerness to make his way over to me.  Because he is a bit more aloof, it’s even more special when he nudges against me for pets.  Though, to be honest, I am his human.  He wants plenty o’ lovin’ from me, but only on his terms.

Raven is an attention-whore.  If a stranger approaches him cautiously and quietly, Raven will allow himself to be wooed fairly easily.  Shadow, on the other hand, he’s more cagey than that.  The only person who does not disturb Shadow at all (besides me) is my mother.    I love the fact that my boys are intensely bonded with each other.  They love to do things together, including napping, and their lick-fests often end up as out-and-out play-fights.  I love watching them tear around the house, one hot on the tail of the other.  I love watching them scrap, which usually is instigated by Raven and ended with a smack-down by Shadow.

Song break:  An old classic, I’m Not in Love as sung by the Queen–Latifah, that is.

The boys are snuggled up on my lap right now.   Raven is on my ankles whereas Shadow is on my lap.  I love reaching down to pet Shadow’s silky fur and to hear him emit a soft sigh of contentment.  When I am at my desktop, Raven likes to be held like a baby in the crook of my right arm.  It makes typing difficult, but how can I say no when he snuggles against my elbow?  Shadow prefers to lay on my chest and stick his butt in my face.  I do push his butt out of my face, but I allow him to stay curled up against my chest.  I love his solid warmth weighing pleasantly on my chest.

The thing I love most about my boys is that they allow me to love them unconditionally.  I can open up to them without fear of being ridiculed or hurt.  I can baby-talk to them and not feel ridiculous about it.  I love them because they trust me so completely.  I don’t have to do anything to earn their love (well, except for feed them, I guess), and it’s humbling to realize that they have absolute faith that I will do the right thing by them.

So, on this day, please celebrate with those you love–especially the furry ones in your life.  As for the more traditional kind of love, I’ll let Def Leppard have the last word with their video, Love Bites.  Enjoy.

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