Yay, Probiotics!

movie theatreYes, I am now probiotics rather than antibiotics.  Taking the latter is making me quite nauseous.  A few friends suggested taking the former to counter the latter.  It was a good suggestion. 

However, it’s wearing off, and the nausea is returning.  I am out of sorts, out of energy, and almost running out of time to finish cleaning the house.  Therefore, three movie reviews for you today.  One is of an indie movie that I love (Charlotte Sometimes); one is of a Hollywood blockbuster (Batman Begins); one is of a musical (Godspell).  So, there is a little something for everybody.

I put them in the before you see it category, but there are editor’s notes on two of them as to whether you might want to not read them before seeing those movies. 

After I am done with the antibiotics and after I’m done cleaning, I may actually post something new.  Stay tuned to fine out.

4 Responses to Yay, Probiotics!

  1. Good to see you, Silly Whabbit. It is always better to see than not to see. Thanks for the heads’ up on the probiotics. They have been so helpful.

  2. I’ll admit it…went to urgent care and got a good ok’ dose of antis. First time in years, but it’s working!

  3. Kat, yeah, I hate taking them, but they seem to be working. I am just glad Silly Whabbit and another friend mentioned taking probiotics at the same time to ease the nausea. It has worked wonders.