Oppression Olympics

Because I am in a pissy mood today, here is a video from Margaret Cho.  It has nothing to do with anything, but it’s funny to me, so you get to see it.

If you are insulted by salty language and such, well then why the fuck are you reading me?  So consider yourself warned. 

I was going to continue my post from yesterday, but something else has cropped up.  There is a website run by a black lesbian called Pam’s House Blend, and I have her on my blogroll as well.  I like her and her cadre of writers and about eighty-five percent of the community.  However, that other fifteen percent really pisses me the fuck off.  This became evident after the passing of Prop. 8 when that minority started spewing racist shit about black people being the reason the measure didn’t pass, and how could they after all “we’ve done for them?”  This is when that stupid meme of “70% of all blacks voted for Prop. 8”, which, even true, is not the reason Prop. 8 passed. 

There was a lot of nasty talk, and I was only reading at the time, so I didn’t add my two-cents’ worth.  I did wonder, however, why no one was mentioning that by that same dubious exit poll, the only group to vote more AGAINST the proposition than FOR it was…Asians.  51% to 49%.  When the real numbers came in, Asians were still the group over all who voted the highest en masse against Prop. 8, more than whites, even.  It surprised the hell out of me that MY group was the least hateful in this matter, but it also burned me that nobody ever mentioned it, despite the fact that there are more Asians in CA than blacks in CA.  In 2007, the percentage of blacks in CA, according to US Census Bureau, was 6.7%  The Asian population in CA during the same year?  12.4%, almost twice as high. 

In other words, the Asian population’s vote can make a difference, too.  So while there was all this recrimination towards blacks for the passing of Prop. 8, despite the fact that whites make up 76.8% of Californians (including Latinos), there was no acknowledgement of a significant proportion of the population–the Asians.  It fits, in a way, with the invisible minority phenomena.  Asians aren’t really seen in America, but that’s not the topic of today’s rant.

The thing that bothered me about this racism in the LGBT community (as it were) is that the people typing were disproportionately white men.  The whole thing reeked of, “What have you done for ME?”  They kept whining about how they had done so much for black people (which I highly doubted), so why didn’t black people do the same for them?

What the fuck?  The LGBT community has not done jack shit to reach out to black people, and they ‘expected’ blacks to do for them?  Really?  Why the fuck should anyone do that?  See, this is the thing when you have had power in many ways.  When you don’t have it in one situation (being gay), then you expect everyone else to give it to you.  Why?  Because you deserve it.  Of course, everyone deserves equality, but no one is going to give it to you. 

I have seen this attitude from white men so fucking often, and it’s doubly-irritating in the LGBT community.  Someone pointed out that the problem with the LGBT community is that we are not a real community.  We are forced together by circumstances that we cannot control, but many of us would not socialize with each other in any other situation.  Indeed, we probably wouldn’t run into each other at all. 

I left the blog for a bit when a transwoman accused all LGBs of discriminating against her and how we were all hateful and the few of us who weren’t didn’t matter and no other discrimination mattered.   I had no idea why she was on the site because she hated us all, but there she was.  She rooted against gay marriage because she saw it as another way her oppressors would gain power over her.  Even though she called herself a lesbian and had a longterm partner. 

I was fed up, and I left.  I recently returned because I missed the rest, and because, quite frankly, I don’t know of any other LBT women of color who write about political issues as well as Pam does.  Plus, like I said, 85% of the community is aces.  Today, however, I lost it again.  I will post the entry in a link here.

See if you can tell why I went apeshit, and see if you can tell what is my username.  Trust me, it’s not that hard.  Read the first asterisked point, and then read the responses. 

So this white male (I figured from other postings that it’s a guy) resents us ‘harping’ on the issue of race because it’s a social construct.  Fuck you!  He said that all of us suffer equally in the LGBT community.  Fuck you!  Only a white person, especially a male, would say that.  I know it’s not easy to confront one’s own privilege (like me and class), but it’s far worse to pretend that it doesn’t exist or to get resentful when other people point it out. 

Ok.  I have nothing else to say about this because I am mad again.  I’m gonna listen to more Margaret Cho to cool down.

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