The Great Divide

lewis_black2If I were Jewish and had balls, I’d be Lewis Black.   He is my newest political crush, and I have to tell you about it.  I have always liked watching him on The Daily Show because he is so acerbic in his wit, but I also worried about him having a heart attack because he would get so apoplectic while spewing his indignation.  I always wanted to tell him to calm down just a bit because I would hate to see his career cut short.

Anyway, I started reading his book, Nothing’s Sacred, expecting it to be hilarious.  I was a bit wary, though, because I had high hopes for Jon Stewart’s book, Naked Pictures of Famous People, and I was sorely disappointed.  I am also reading Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (And So Can You), and I am not enjoying it yet.  Granted, I am not very far into it, but I’m still a tad bit disappointed.

I realized it’s because Stewart and Colbert rely heavily on their on-screen personae to make their humor really fly.  Stripped of their personalities, their words are heavy-handed and overly-arch.  So, I opened Black’s book with trepidation.  Can I say that I love his last name?  I can’t?  Well, too late.  I just did.  Anyway, his book was humorous as I expected, but what I didn’t expect was that it would be tender and sensitive as well.  Oh, sure, Lewis tries to gussy it up with his scathing repartee, but it’s there for everyone to see.  He is rabidly anti-war, pro the-people, anti-corporations, pro gay marriage, etc.   

I say I would be him because he’s a lot like me.  He feels things too deeply, so he tries to defend himself by being cranky, indignant, and irascible.  I would bet he tends towards depression, and he wonders if he’s just spitting in the wind.  So, Lewis Black, you are my political crush for the day.  Don’t pull a muscle smiling in glee over it.

Ok.  On to the entry for the day.   I have been thinking about intelligence for awhile.  This is one area in which I am confident–I have brains.  Lots of them.  No, it’s not because I’m Asian–by the way, it’s a myth that Asians are super-smart.  I have been to different Asian countries, and there are plenty of stupid people there.  It’s just that the wave of East Asian immigrants who came over in the sixties were, yes, that’s right, the best and the brightest of Asia who came here for educational purposes.  In other words, all the smart ones left!  Some went back, but many stayed here, like my parents.  Thus, the myth that Asian Americans are super-smart began.  It’s also because Asian families place a heavy emphasis on education, but that is not the subject of today’s entry.

This is.  I was raging to my therapist about the politicians doing something particularly stupid, and she said calmly (because she’s my therapist–and, I’m paraphrasing), “You know, I think intelligent people tend to underestimate the gap between them and less intelligent people.”  I shut up, gaped at her, and thought it over.  She added, “People who are intelligent tend to think that other people may not be as intelligent, but they are nearly as intelligent.”  She left it for me to fill in the rest.

Follow me as I dissect this for you.  See, I am at the top end of the IQ scale.  Off it, as a matter of fact.  Normal IQ is 100.  It goes up and down in segments of ten.  Once you go past 130, the differences are nominal.  Anyway, 100 is the norm.  I am three deviations above the norm.  If you take, say, the Senate which has a hundred members (ok, 99 right now, yes, I know!), that means that half of them probably are near or under a hundred.   They are not the smartest people in the country, by far, so I really shouldn’t be surprised when one of them (John Boehner, Eric Cantor–ok, they are from the House.  Mitch McConnell.  He’s a senator) says something blindingly stupid.  Still, I am.  I expect them to be slightly less intelligent than I am, but in the same ballpark.  It turns out, they aren’t even in the same league.

Hm.  I am done for the day.  I might blog more about how I’m dealing with this revelation…tomorrow.

2 Responses to The Great Divide

  1. I have to tell you this, you are going to laugh and shake your head.

    For several years I was the Coordinating Director for the Lucille Ball Festival of New Comedy in Jamestown, New York. Lucy was born there, hence a festival. One of the artistic directors was David Munnell and his sister (a beautiful actress) had been married to Lew Black.

    Well, because David truly adored his BIL, even after the big D, he booked him to come to “LucyFest” a couple of times. And one year, we booked him for a mid-winter show that was very well received – Just Lew on the stage, the chair, some scotch. He was awesome. What is not to love?

    Well at some point during the time he was in town, it was Valentine’s Day and he and several other miscreants (Dana the photographer, Keith the Theater King, Roxanne the fabulous character actress, and myself, had dinner on February 14th at Stage Left Restaurant in Jamestown. We decided that it was definitely a meeting of the Lonely Hearts Club” – none of us had significant others.

    Our meal was fabulous, and it was non-stop laughs. We were all comedians that night. And afterward? First we went out to the tiny airport where everyone hiked through knee deep snow to get to a series of walkways so that we could watch the airplanes take off and land. After that it was to Stadium Hill where we sledded down the hill on cardboard I pulled out of the trunk of my car. Lew had on a really expensive pair of boots – snakeskin? I’m not sure they survived.

    Anyway – that is my Lew Black story. I wanted to share it with you. I’ve lost touch with Lew, but Dana the photographer checks in on him every now and then. I am thrilled that after all of those gigs when he had to stay in one star hotels are over and that his immense talent is being recognized.

    It would be awesome if he could do a special on Sarah Palin, yes? LOL!

  2. Dear Suchanut: BITE ME! Just kidding. I am consumed with jealousy, though, that you have met and sledded with Lewis Black. I mean, you get to call him Lew! Ask Dana to ask him how his heart is doing. I worry about him.

    If he did a special on Palin, I think that would be just enough to finally give him a coronary.