Yup. Still Mad. Mike Doogan is an Asshole.


Update:  I am changing anonymous to ‘using a pseudonym’ where appropriate.  Whabs has an excellent blog entry as to the difference.  I will be exploring more on this issue in today’s entry.

The Mudflats site was a sanctuary for me during the last silly season.  I had no idea who the fuck Sarah Palin was, so I let my fingers do the walking, and I found the ‘flats.  I found the blogger to be informative, thoughtful, articulate, well-informed, intelligent, and funny.  AKM chose to use a pseudonym, and that was fine by me.  It became quickly evident that AKM was a female, but I had little desire to ferret out anything further about the blogger behind the mask.

Well, that choice was taken away from AKM as she was outed by Mike Doogan.  Who is Mike Doogan, you ask?  One of Sarah Palin’s rabid fans?  Maybe another staunch Republican who was unhappy with the way AKM systematically dissected the mockery that was La Palina?  Another blogger who was jealous of how popular AKM had become?  No.  Mike Doogan is a DEMOCRATIC representative in Alaska who got upset because AKM took him to task over his disgusting behavior towards emailers who wanted to hold Palin accountable for “Harrass My Ex-Brother-in-Law Gate”.  He didn’t like it, and he became obsessed with finding out who AKM really was.  In a letter to another blogger, Doogan asked who AKM was while simultaneously deriding all bloggers.  Apparently, Doogan used to be a journalist, and he is mad that traditional papers are folding.  He doesn’t think anyone has the right to anonymity if that person is going to criticize–well, anyone, really.

I am not going to delve into the legal issues because I am not at all qualified to comment on that.   Other bloggers and their commentors have weighed in on that issue.  My only take on the legal aspect is that Doogan did a lot of this shit on state time, with state equipment.  In other words, with taxpayers’ money.  I have an issue with this, obviously, as I think it speaks lowly of a person who uses his position of power in order to intimidate a citizen of his state.  From all the emails Doogan has fired off, it’s clear that he sees himself as some kind of hero, unmasking the dastardly blogger.  In addition, it’s clear that it’s more about his ego and pettiness than about any ethical thing he can spout.  AKM used his own words to show what an asshole he is, and he couldn’t take it.  It’s the same thing that got Amanda Terkel from Think Progress in trouble with Bill O’Reilly.  An aside:  I didn’t know she was a sister!  You go, grrl!  The ones in charge get discomfited by the uppity bloggers and decide to put them in their places so they (the bloggers) won’t blog any more.

Bob Poe, who is running for govenor, penned this epistle on the ‘Flats, trying to explain the mindset behind what Doogan did.  While I take issue with him saying that AKM will thank Doogan some day, I think he provides some insight into the mind of Doogan.  By the way, every pic of Doogan shows him holding an alcoholic drink.  His emails are full of rage and dismissiveness.  Man needs help.  I know our elected officials are human beings like the rest of us, but they are supposed to be leading us–not acting like five year olds.  He is defensive and hostile, and he doesn’t see what he did wrong.

Ok.  That is a fairly dispassionate  narration of what has happened thus far.  Now, it’s off the rails for me.  I don’t comment on the ‘flats much any more, but I still read it daily.  I considered it the must-read when it came to dealing with the lying, two-faced, bat-shit crazy Sarah Palin.  Through all the changes the ‘flats went through, one thing remained consistent:  AKM.  Some people argue that because s/he used a pseudonym, s/he didn’t have as much credibility as those who blogged under their names.  However, I politely call bullshit.  Rush Limbaugh is not more credible because we know his name–nor is Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Matt Drudge, Erick Erickson, or any of their ilk.  Conversely, Hilzoy and Digby are very respected bloggers with pseudonyms.  Yes, the latter was outed, but that did not add (or subtract, for that matter) any credibility to Digby’s posts.  To me, what matters is the truth behind the words.  Every post had sources to back up the story.  Every accusation was documented thoroughly.  In addition, there were wonderful stories about the Wicked Witch, as well as Mt. Redoubt offering its rebuttal to Bobby Jindal’s asinine ridicule of volcano monitoring.  There were pictures of Mudstock gatherings as well as of Brian and Brenda Moose.  I got the flavor of life in Alaska, all from one well-written blog.   One thing I loved about AKM was that it could be anybody.  It could have been me!  Now, I have a name to go with that pseudonym, but it doesn’t add to my enjoyment of the blog.  I am not going to look up the person because it doesn’t matter.  AKM’s words–they are what matters.

When I read the post yesterday, I was angry.  I was face-flushed, tears-in-the-eyes angry.  What Doogan did was betray the trust of thousands if not millions of people around the world.  We could have found out who AKM was at any time if we really wanted to investigate, but we didn’t.  In fact, we did everything we could to protect AKM’s identity.  To have some asshole rip away that protection for his own petty ego is almost beyond belief.  I blog in my own name, but I assign pseudonyms to all the people in my life.  Others post with a pseudonym, while others post anonymously. I chose to blog in my own name because much of what I write is relevant to me as a person.  In addition, I wanted to put myself out there as a bi Taiwanese American woman.  My fucking choice.  There are several valid reasons for a person to blog anonymously–especially as a minority voice in a state that has many avid supporters of the status quo–and the guns to back up their beliefs.  It should be each person’s choice whether s/he wants to place him/herself (and family) in that position.  No one has the right to make that decision for an individual.  I don’t have kids or a partner, so any risk I take in blogging is strictly undertaken by me.

AKM is taking some time to decide where to go from here.  I stand by AKM no matter what, but I want Doogan to know that his act of petty vengeance has hurt a person and a community that did not deserve it.  I have no doubt that the ‘flats will survive in one form or another, and I personally vow that I will be in your face to make sure you never get elected to another office for as long as you live.  I think you should be thrown out now, but I have little faith that this will happen.  You are a vile, petty, small man who has proven that the need for AKM’s beacon of light still exists.  No matter what AKM does, Alaskan politics are changed forever.

Right now, I am still mad, but there is a part of me that is grieving as well.  This should not have happened.  I feel it in my very core.  It is wrong.  I have nothing else to say at this time.  Here is one of the forum moderators blogging about it on her own blog, mamadance.  She has a running tally of all the blogs writing about this issue.  I have nothing pithy to say to sum up all the emotions swarming in me at this time.

Yup.  Still mad.  Long live AKM.

P.S.  Add Hilzoy from Washington Monthly as one more blogger with a pseudonym adding her voice.  Look for Outing AKMuckraker.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for linking to my blog and leaving a comment over there. Could you change “forum admins” to “forum moderators”? I am not an admin and do not claim to be. Thanks!


  2. Minna, I can’t believe this is the first time I have run across your blog. You are doing a fine job! Love seeing you at the ‘flats when you do peek in.

  3. Hi, the problem child! Good to see you. Yeah, I have been judicious with posting my blog at other sites, but now is the time, I feel. I hope the ‘flats continues on. I do read it every day even though I don’t post as much.

  4. I still can’t get over the feeling that someone I know and care about was deeply violated. I hope to God, Buddha, the Cosmic Muffin, that legal action is taken. I hope she continues to blog. I really feel like crying for what has happened to her but I am too busy being angry.
    Thanks for posting.

  5. whabs, I know how you feel. I almost feel stupid at how upset I am, but what Doogan did really cuts to the core. I’m glad you blogged about it as well. It’s time to circle the wagons.

  6. Wonderful to find you here. After the numbing shock wears off, this will all turn out for the best. Too many people are determined to make it so.

  7. Good to see you, Forty Watt. I have moved from numbing shock to rage to grief. I think acceptance is right around the corner. AKM is strong and will keep on mucking through the mud.

  8. What’s happened to AKM has had some positive results and will continue to do so. This is a perfect example – HERE you are my dearest Asian Girl! I have missed you and your wacky and wicked repartee 🙂 Your blog is awesome too! 🙂 See you around.

  9. Hi, Suchanut! Yes, good things have occurred, such as bringing us prodigal sons/daughters back to the mud again. Thanks for stopping by. I love seeing you guys here!

  10. Asiangrl: Thanks for the post. I, too, miss your comments at the ‘flats, so am happy to find you here. You summed up beautifully what I have been feeling. Thank you for that. And thanks, too, for the reminder that I am in such good company moving through the stages of grief for AKM. She will emerge from this stronger than ever, and for that I am grateful.


  11. pdx mb! A happy wave in your direction. It’s so good to see familiar faces. I am nearing acceptance, and I am almost ready to blog about it. Yes, that was a teaser for today’s entry.

  12. Hi asiangirl
    well said. You go girl. Miss your posts also. You are right what a dirt bag to do something like that.

  13. Hi, mhrt! How are things going? Good to see you. You still in Oregon? Like I said, the one good thing about this is that it brought us prodigal ‘flatters back to the muds again.

  14. I bookmarked you and will check back in..Yup still in oregon. What a memory that you have. Still cold here but not as cold as where you are. Lived through my first Frozen ice storm. Man that was ugly. I do not know how you guys stand those ice storms every year….They are SCARY

  15. Thanks, phoebe. Glad you could stop in from the ‘flats. I have missed the community. What a crazy time, huh?

  16. mhrt, I love snow and ice storms–as long as I don’t have to drive. Come visit my site whenever you want.

  17. I remember that you liked the cold and snow ….but Ice storms…most beautiful…but to me very scary ,,we have lots of very tall trees..hearing the cracking and then waiting for the fall..yuck

  18. Hi – Just found your blog…thanks for speaking out and I will happily bookmark you and visit again.

    I come from the Southwest and we are ready for the heat (we’re a little crazy down here). We did hit 90 a couple weeks ago but have had tons of high winds (airport closed one night last week) and it’s been chilly … for us…at night (40’s). I love the AK blogs as we grew up in the Pacific NW. Sorry I don’t miss the cold though – think my blood has thinned out.

    Keep up the good work – AKM’s new post is (as usual) AMAZING! See you soon.

  19. mhrt, I LOVE the cold and snow. I just hate driving in it. I haven’t read AKM’s newest yet. I will very shortly.

    Basheert, hi! Thanks for dropping by; you are welcome any time. Have a cup of tea to warm yourself up. It’s actually warm here (40s) right now. I love how my warm is your chilly. Hope to see you often.

  20. Has anyone ever told you that you look JUST LIKE Margaret Cho?
    Ha! just did a Google search at work to see if there is any news on Doogan and AKM today and your page came up 5th on the search Mike Doogan + AKM.
    When is the progressive media going to start talking about this outside the blogosphere?

  21. Whabs, I know! Me and Margaret Cho, separated at birth. I did a Google search on Doogan and AKM, and I am FOURTH! Woot!

    I hope either Olbermann or Rachel will cover it tonight. Remember, it happened over the weekend. And, the problem child said Shannyn Moore was on the radio. Check out the comments on AKM’s latest post. the problem child is #72.

  22. It will be interesting to see how things spin out, especially with this new “pick” (Rep turned Dem 2 weeks ago) that GINO picked our the Dem choice.
    Here in AZ, our politics border on sick and twisted – but compared to AK, it’s actually very quiet.
    Since I’m kind of a newbie can anyone enlighten me as to how Lady Nailpin managed to get her carcass elected? And from the point of view of someone actually from Alaska, how is she received?
    It seems like all the publicity came about with the McInsane Veep pick. I’m just really curious as to “what” she really is and the general “feel” is up there. We also have a Rep Gov…she “inherited” it when Obama stole Napolitano and left us to the absolute mercy of Nasty Repigs…who are dismantling our state a bit at a time.

    Just keep on saying “this, too, will pass” …
    Thanks for the welcome.
    Actually having tea … icy cold and green!

  23. Also I noticed you haven’t mentioned yet that McInsane wouldn’t “endorse” her for 2012 this weekend. Local feeling is that Mrs. McMealticket is probably absolutely nauseous over the Lady Nailpin. Cindy the heiress is rather elegant and into doing good works – I don’t think I’m the only person who noticed the “air kiss” she greeted the Iron Lady with. McInsane is a carpetbagging mafia jerk who was bought and paid for with Hensley money and supported by Joe Bonanno (Mafia) but Cindy has the pursestrings. McInsane has been rather quiet and his lack of endorsement of Lady Nailpins is very “telling”.
    Lady Nailpins is probably THE least classy person Cindy has ever met and she knew it. Just MHO.

  24. Basheert, I am in Minnesota, so Alaskan politics is not my mainstay. Here, we have enough to worry about with getting our second senator, you know, actually TO Washington.

    As for Palin, as far as I know, she was pretty moderate when getting elected. Plus, her predecessor was a pit of corruption. It’s only after being elected and after she was chosen as McCain’s VP pick that she really went off the rails. My personal feeling is that she is now getting revenge for the humiliation of not being elected VP of the United States. Unfortunately, Alaskans are paying the price.

    As for Arizona, it’s another state going off the rails. I read that some old guy there is trying to pass the 24 hour wait rule before women can get an abortion because, you know, we don’t really think these things through.

    I don’t know why anyone cares what McCain has to say any more. HE LOST. Now, he needs to shut up and get to work. Wait, he’s YOURS! Take him back, please?

  25. Hi – yes you are right, except it’s our Legislature (a whole bunch of old guys). Obama stole our Dem governor which left us at the mercy of the Sec of State (a Rep) – and we have the Reps with a lock on everything.
    So far they are rabid with anti-fire-sprinkler legislation and they want a fullon free sell of fireworks in the state (that would be the DESERT!) which is going to really increase the burns that occur. These people are also nuts ..
    There must be something alien in the water on the earth at this point.
    It’s best to curl up with a book and watch all the baby birds hatch and the pool heat up!