Natural Born Killers


Addendum:  I know that Michele Bachmann has waxed apoplectic about China wanting to force the US to change its currency because she is too stupid to realize that she obmitted the word, ‘reserves’ from the statement, but I don’t have time to cover all her stupidities.  You’ll just have to look that one up yourselves.  

Yesterday morning, I woke up and followed my usual routine.  I got dressed in my room, and then opened the door to greet my boys.  They don’t sleep with me because I am allergic, and I sleep badly enough as it is.

I don’t like light, so I didn’t turn on the hallway light.  I pet the boys and cooed over them as they rubbed all over my legs (yeah, I know it’s a ruse to get me to feed them, but damn, it feels nice to be loved.  Oh, it’s also their way of making sure to mark me again after my night of restless slumber.  Back to my narrative), and then I looked down.  On the ground was a…toy?  I didn’t recognize it, but I stooped down to pick it up so I could throw it for them.  To my surprise, it was warm and soft.  Now, Raven has a small problem with inappropriate elimination, so my next thought was, “Ew!  It’s poop!”  It didn’t smell, however, so I crossed that off my mental list.  Finally, I brought the thing closer to my face, and it was a dead mouse.  

I freaked out slightly because I prefer my mice alive, thank you very much.   After I disposed of the poor little thing, I praised my boys for being mighty hunters (though, between you and me, I am pretty sure it was Shadow who did the actual killing.  Raven rather just play than kill) and thanked them for the gift.  I have read on cat sites posts from people who are freaked out when their cats kill something, and it puzzles me.  Cats are predators; it’s what they do.  Some vegetarians try to make their cats eat strictly vegetarian (non-meat) diets which disgusts me.  Cats are carnivores.  Believe me, they looooove them some meat, and they will fight each other to get to said meat.

This, however, is not the point of today’s entry; it’s just a useful illustration.  The reason I bring it up is because it reminds me of politics.  How, you ask?  Like this.   I am an avowed liberal.  I read all the reliable lefty blogs–well, some of them.  I am trying to cut back.  Anyway, I love the blogs, but I am vaguely amused/bemused by the bleatings when one of the rightwingnuts goes off the rails.  “Oh my god!  Did you see that Sarah Palin elected a man who goes by WAR as her new attorney general?  The guy called gays degenerates and said that he wanted to abolish Roe v. Wade to get brownie points from god!”  “Squee!  Did you hear that Bobby Jindal and Mark Sanford might refuse part of the stimulus money, the part for education?  Mark Sandford called it fiscal child abuse to accept this money! (Look for What Sanford Considers ‘Child Abuse’).  

ravie-chillinI’m bemused because, well, duh.  It’s in their nature to be grasping, venal, corrupt politicians, and we should not them to act any differently.  They are spouting the same rhetoric because, well, it’s in their nature.  I want to pick an example closer to home.  Yes, my local wingnut, Michele Bachmann.  You know, she of the, ‘We need McCarthy-like committees to find out who in Congress DOES NOT LOVE AMERICA!’

Just a note:  I do not love America; I never have.  I don’t love inanimate entities, including a country.  I don’t love MN, either, by that same standard.  I believe that there is greatness to America, but I also think there is smallness as well.  I am not a nationalist in most senses of the world, probably because I am pretty anti-group in general.  Back to Bachmann.

I first became aware of her when she stooped behind some bushes (lowercase B) to spy on a LGBT rally after trying to force a bill through the Senate (yes, she was a local representative first) to demolish domestic partnerships and to ban civil unions and same-sex marriages.  At the same time as the rally.  Read about it here.  

Ever since then, I have had a healthy loathing for her, and a scintilla of fear.  No, I don’t fear her, the person, but I do fear the damage she can do.  Anyway, her latest screed is about being a foreign correspondent behind enemy lines, and she called for a revolution.  She did this on Hannity’s show, and in true Minnesotan fashion, she added, “And by that, what I mean, an orderly revolution….”  Um, Michele, you are bordering on treason (she talks about taking up arms, too).  We voted, and you lost.  Your party, anyway.  You, personally, almost.

The point is, I am not shocked by this at all.  I am ashamed of her and the fact that she is from Minnesota, but she has consistently shown herself to be delusional, self-important, homophobic, fucking annoying, and thoroughly illogical.  She has consistently shown that she will use hyperbole whenever she wants to make a point, and that she is totally convinced that only SHE (and a handful of rightwing media folks) knows what needs to be done to make our country right again.

That is who she is.  Yes, we have to keep an eye on her and try to oppose her wingnuttery whenever possible.  However, we don’t need to react every time she says something outlandish, ill-informed, and stupid; it’s in her nature.

2 Responses to Natural Born Killers

  1. hahahaaaaa… reminds me of all those times that the recently-departed sauerkraut would bring bobwhites or small grousses up the side of the house and into the vent. and then he’d let them go and watch me try to catch them flapping things.

    cats do have a sense of humor.

  2. Hi, sauerkraut. Waving madly in your direction. The thing is, my cats stay inside, so the mouse was in the house somewhere. I think they were paying me back (in a good way) for all the food I’d given them. They were probably pretty disappointed that I didn’t eat the mouse. Not even for my cats would I go that far. Good to see you! Thanks for dropping in. Now I know how you got your handle.