You Like Me! You Really, Really Like Me!

wb051411Thank you, thank you so much for this award.  I am quite emotional, and I don’t know what to say.  I mean, I don’t have a speech prepared, so I’m just going to have to ad-lib it.  

First, I would like to thank all the little people–what?  What award am I accepting?  Why, the Moonbat award, silly.  I just got called that by a trollie who took exception to my last post.  He (and I am quite sure it’s a he) went into a rambling mess about the soldier who was killed by the converted Muslim extremist.  If you read the thread I linked, people were wondering how long it would be before the right used this against the left.

What the fuck?  asked I.  When the fuck did we become the party responsible for the Muslim fanatics?  Supposedly, because we (the global lefty we) are against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our words provoked this guy to kill the soldier.  Really.  In fact, one site, the Corner (you know the drill, I’m linking to a linker because I don’t want to infect my computer) asked if wasn’t the peace movement responsible for this attack.  Really.  Because, you know, advocating peace is an incitement to kill.  As one person at BJ said, no, Muslim extremism stems from the same root as Christian extremism.  Plus, as Akatabi, a commenter at TBoggs said:

Damn that Olberman and his 28 segments on military recruiters saying they have “blood on their hands”. Damn those Quakers, foaming at the mouth, picketing recruiting centers and harassing poor enlistees, posting their home addresses and requiring a buffer zone around the entrances so the poor defenseless military can enter. Damn Bill Ayers, all over the teevee saying “they had it coming to them”. Damn the President sending taped messages to the annual mass rallies of the War Resister’s League and Rosa Luxemburg Brigade. This is different. Extremism in defense of Liberty is a vice.

Yup, it’s exactly the same. No, it isn’t. Fuck that shit. I reject the false equivalency argument because it’s argued in bad faith.  I have not heard one of the so-called liberal types say that our troops were murderers or baby-killers and so was anyone who didn’t do anything to stop them.  Words DO mean something, and our words differ greatly from theirs.  

Anyway, back to Mr. Trollie.  He was incensed because I didn’t write about the above and made some other nasty statements with absolutely zero facts to back them up, so I didn’t print it.  However, I will gladly accept the moonbat epithet he hurled at my head since I like the moon and I like bats, and I would rather be a moonbat than a wingnut any day.  So, I am now taking my rightful place in the leftwing of the Democratic party, and I wear my crown with pride.

As for you, Mr. Trollie, you want to know why I hadn’t written about this incident besides the fact that it had just happened?  Because I didn’t.   That was a simple answer, right?  See, when it’s MY blog (it has my name on the top, so it’s mine), then I get to decide what to write.  When it has YOUR name on the top, then you get to decide what to write.  It’s really not that difficult.  To me, this is the funniest part about blogs in general.  I love the commenters who loudly demand that the blogger write about this or that or not write about this or that or he (usually a he) is going away and never, ever coming back.  Yeah, whatever.  Don’t let the door hit your pale ass as you leave.  

My brother was truly puzzled when I told him about the various trolls I’ve gotten.  He said, “Why would someone do that?  Why can’t they be nice?”  I said, “Because they are men with little dicks and even smaller hearts.”  No, I didn’t (this was my brother, remember), but I was thinking it.  It’s really about inferiority and superiority struggling to co-exist.  See, Mr. Trollie is clearly so much better than I am, and he has to let me know that he is so clearly better than I am.   

All kidding aside, I firmly believe there is a subsect of men who simply cannot handle a woman saying what she thinks without her couching it in niceties and apologies.  What?  A woman dares to have an opinion that is contradictory to mine?  She dares to express it?  It’s similar to the more rightwingnutty belief about abortion–a woman does not have the right to decide what to do with her body.   These men are not interest in a honest debate or about truly changing the other person’s mind–no, they just want to bully and intimidate the opposition into submission.  

I, on the other hand, don’t give a shit.  On BJ, one anti-choice guy was saying that people who act with such smug superiority (about choice being about a woman’s right to autonomy) aren’t going to win over any doubters.  You know what?  I don’t really care.  See, like the last election, we won this particular debate.  Abortion is legal.  Don’t like it?  Move to a country where it’s illegal.  See how much better the quality of life is in one of those countries.  

So.  Now that I am an official moonbat, let me put on my tinfoil hat and welcome you again to my blog.  I might have to rename it “Moonbat Ebil Hebbin’!” (Same initials).

7 Responses to You Like Me! You Really, Really Like Me!

  1. I’ll pass my love for you on with the “more Harley porn” you requested, up now – about 1/2 hour after your visit. You’ll love the Anniversary Deuce – extremely cool scooter.

  2. Woot! Woot! Harley porn. Thanks, Chuck, and thanks for visiting my blog. ‘Preciate it.

  3. “On BJ, one anti-choice guy was saying that people who act with such smug superiority (about choice being about a woman’s right to autonomy) aren’t going to win over any doubters.”

    On the other hand, people who don’t have a uterus are having and will continue to have trouble convincing us that they should have final say over what happens with them. That’s why abortion remains legal. I don’t have to convince anyone, they do. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to just use democratic means to try to change things. Instead some resort to harrassment and terrorism.

  4. Minna, I always liked you, even before your “Moonbat” designation! I’m a moonbat too!

  5. gex! Hi, chica. Welcome to my blog. You’re right. Those of us who are pro-choice need to start acting like we own this debate–not that we’re placating, justifying, and soothing. I will be blogging about it today.

    As for the terroristic acts–yes, the acts of a desperate group who has demonized the other. The anti-choice group, especially the radical activists, need to be framed in that light so this doesn’t keep getting shrugged off as individual acts.

    As for the harassment, it is not non-violent on any level.

    Thank you for adding your voice to this discussion. We need to be heard.

    TiredMom, you have always been one of my faves at the ‘flats. Now that I know you’re a follow moonbat, I like you even more.