Birfers, and Lifers, and Deathers, OH MY!

The_gesture smallOk.  I have been trying to stay above the fray with all the batshitcrazynuttywingers on the right.  I mean, I don’t need the stress.  I really don’t.   However, I just snapped today.  It was over at BJ, of course, and it was a thread on health care.  One idiot was tossing out one wingnut point after another, and I just lost it.  LOST IT.  I started hurling the fuck bombs like they were going out of style.  I called him (I think it’s a him, I am not sure) a fucking pretentious nitwit.  I went off on him, posted the comment, and promptly exited the thread.

I don’t understand the batshit craziness of some of the memes that are sticking.  I had lunch with Natasha today, and neither of us could understand the, “Ohmygod Scary Black Man wants to kill my Grandma” meme that just will not fucking die.  There is a provision in the 1000+ page bill that reimburses seniors who want counseling about what to do with their living wills.  That’s it.  That’s all.  Seniors get to talk with a medical counselor about what they want to do in end-of-life situations.  They get reimbursed.  Simple like that.

Then, all of a sudden, death panels!  Obama is gonna kill the elderly.  Ohmygod!  Scary black man!  Rationed health care!  Babies with Down Syndrome are gonna be put to death!  Stephen Hawking would have been put to death if he had been born in Britain because of his physical handicaps!   You think I’m kidding?  Investor’s Business Daily ran an op-ed about this very topic.  You know the drill.  I linked to a link that dissects the stupidity.  Read   Stephen Hawking is Alive and Well and weep.  Stephen fucking Hawking is a fucking British theoretical physicist.  Really.  This is the best they got?

I can’t take it any more.  The traditional media is invested in the status quo so it refuses to, oh, I don’t know, actually fucking report the news?  Death panels?  A lie.  Killing Down Syndrome kids?  A lie.  Forced sex-change operations?  A big fucking lie.  The fucking media needs to just say, “You’re a big fat lying liar–and an idiot to boot” when any GOP asshat starts spouting one of these talking points.  George Stephanopoulos, to his credit, did call out Newt Gingrich as the latter was bleating on and on about the death panels.  Stephanopoulos simply says, “It’s not in the bill.”  Five little words that have not been heard before concerning this stupid talking point.

The media needs to call the GOP shillers on this bullshit.  Media other than Rachel, Keith, Jon, and Stephen.  They are starting, but it’s not nearly enough.

You know what is the most frustrating part of all these stupid batshitcrazy memes?  There is no way to completely shut this shit down.  President Obama:  I don’t want to kill old people.  Batshitcrazywingnutter:  Yes you do!  Glenn Beck told me that!  President Obama:  There is nothing in the bill–.  Batshitcrazywingnutter:  Where is your birth certificate?  Why don’t you nip it in the bud and show the certificate?  President Obama:  I have shown my–.  Batshitcrazywingnutter:  Why do you hate Murrika?  Why are you an Islofascistpussy?  President Obama:  I don’t hate Amer–.  Batshitcrazywingnutter:  WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!!

I watched some of the town hall meetings, and I was struck by how fearful these people were–over completely made-up shit.  Where were they when W. was invading Iraq on fictitious premises?  Where were they when W. decided that eavesdropping on Americans was A-OK?  Torture?  Bring it on!  That’s all fine and dandy.  Any fukkin’ librul who dared to protest the war(s) was unpatriotic and a traitor and should be dropped off on a remote island somewhere.  Back when W. was prez, it wasn’t patriotic to question anything he did.  He only appeared in “town hall” meetings in which the audience members were prescreened, as were the questions.

I don’t understand how now, it’s perfectly fine to call the president unAmerican, Hitler, Stalin, and a host of other negative slurs.  I watch these crying women and angry men at the town meetings, and I feel a surge of anger myself.  One after another, they mewl about how they’re afraid of losing their America.  “This is not MY America, ” more than one wild-eyed loony bellows at the top of her lungs (and it is usually a her).

YOUR America?  You mean the one that decided white men were the norm and that anyone else must be deficient in some way?  The one in which queers remained in the closet or got their faggoty asses kicked?  The one in which a woman would just shut the fuck up and do her wifely duty of breeding, cooking, and cleaning?  The one in which it was OK to call a nigger a nigger and then go to church on Sunday and feel all fucking pious?

No, what you really mean is you want the America in which an uppity black man would get the shit beaten out of him if he even voiced his desire to become president, let alone win.

There are many in the left blogosphere who insist that the right would have gone as batshit crazy no matter who was president, as long as the president was a Democrat.  Yes, Obama’s race makes him an easy target, but it’s tangential, so this vein of thought goes.

I disagree.  Yes, the conspiracy talk and all that shit was intense back when (Bill) Clinton was president, but there is something about the racial angle that just makes it that much uglier.  I know it’s stupid, but I can accept villifying someone based on his party affiliation (though I don’t condone it, of course), but I’ll be fucked if I ever accept blatant racism as a reasonable response to a black man who’s done good.

The Republicans and their wingnuts are not arguing in good faith.  They are throwing all this shit out there and just hoping that something will stick.  The powers that be, including Big Pharma are peddling fear with all their might, knowing that people who live in abject fear that someone will take something away from them can always be counted on to act in a way that really isn’t in their own best interests.

There are legitimate concerns concerning health care reform, but those are getting shunted to the side in favor of cheap sensationalism.  I am hoping that in the end, sanity will prevail.  I can’t take much more of the craziness.

5 Responses to Birfers, and Lifers, and Deathers, OH MY!

  1. They are throwing all this shit out there and just hoping that something will stick.

    And they’re cranking up the crazy because so far, Americans are sick enough of the mess that’s our current health-care system that they still want to change the status quo, even if it does mean reducing the Republicans’ political fortunes or insurance company profits.

    Call me an optimist … but I see this strategy — which seems to have spun out of control — backfiring on the right. Remember Frank Luntz insisted the GOP needed to be seen as supporting health care reform at least in principle — Americans, including many in business, truly are sick of the shenanigans insurance companies play. But the desire to deny Obama and the Democrats a victory has taken hold, and the crazy is cranked up to the point when even a few in the so-called “liberal media” feel compelled to mention, however tentatively and timidly against the torrent of lies they uncritically carry, that some of the opponents’ claims are objectively false.

  2. Oh, by the way…

    The Republicans and their wingnuts are not arguing in good faith.

    They haven’t at least since Newt Gingrich led the Republican takeover of Congress in 1994, and probably well before that.

  3. I can’t believe I’m going to quote the former governor of Alaska, but I blame the media.

    In their misguided attempt to appear fair by giving equal footing to all positions (no matter how crazy, no matter how demonstrably false), they back off from calling lies lies.

    So here in Los Angeles, a relatively liberal area in a very liberal state (well, along the coast anyway), a news reporter covering a town hall meeting that was disrupted by protestors said that people were angered by the possibility of “death panels.” The reporter never mentioned that there is no such thing as death panels and that they’re not in any of the bills. But by treating the concerns as if they’re legitimate, the news media (even in liberal Los Angeles) legitimatizes them. And while we’re busy fighting about things that don’t fucking exist, the big business that whipped up this frenzy is making a killing (both metaphorically and literally).

    We need to wake up to these tactics and find an effective way to counter them.

    And that starts with recognizing that when these people say “socialist,” they really mean “nigger.”

    And we need to treat them the same way we’d treat an angry mob yelling “nigger.”

  4. Gregory, optimist! At least you didn’t call yourself one this time. I can see your point about teh crazy pushing away everyone but teh craziest with their flagrant bullshit.

    As to your second comment, you are probably right. I didn’t start following politics very closely until the most recent silly season, so I’m constantly discouraged by how ugly and vicious and utterly stupid politics are.

    Alex, you are correct, Sir, that the media is falling down on its job. Fuck false equivalence. Fuck fair and balanced. Give me the truth, damn it. Give me reporting that reflects reality. You are also correct as to the underlying reasons for this bullshit. I hope the Dems wake up and do as you say.

    Kel, that was excellent. Thank you for posting that.