Attention Blog Readers

I am going off the grid for a while.  I will answer all the comments that are posted during my time away.  I will not be blogging during that time.  Check back in a week or two or more.


8 Responses to Attention Blog Readers

  1. Whabs, oh, I dunno–BLOG?????? And check back from time to time. I will blog again–I’m just not sure when.

  2. **sips coffee**
    🙂 It’s raining in Seattle.
    It’s raining pigs and chickens, I swear.
    I like to lay in bed and listen to pounding rain. It makes for very lumpy days.
    I know you’re not blogging, but I have to stop by anyway.
    **sips coffee**
    Oh I also wanted to say bu’er got a blog. Hehehehehe. Don’t let her fool you, she’s a smart cookie. I’ve known her for **counts** 9 years!
    You gotta know, if she knows snee and yours truly, she’s not as innocent as she may seem. Hahahahahaha!
    Hugs Minna, see ya over at my place! I’m working on an equilibrium link that actually works.

  3. whabs, you crack me the fuck up. Maybe you can blog for me. I left bu’er a comment on her blog. Heh. WTF is an equilibrium link?

  4. In a perfect world, it would be a link that you could click and then regain your equilibrium.
    It’s also just my way of telling you that I’m here for you if you need me.