Attention All My Readers

November is upon us.  November is NaNoWriMo, which means that I will be inspired to write a 50,000 word novel in one month.  I have participated the last two years, and I’ve had a blast each time.  Because I’m CDO, I wrote 150,000 words the first year and roughly 125,000 last year.  Maybe I’ll hit 200,000 this year!

Anyway, I just want to let you all know that my blogging will most likely be severely curtailed during this month.  I will do my best to post when I can, but I will be pretty consumed with cranking out the fiction.  I already have the story outline, the plot, most of the characters, and even the ending in mind.  Now, I just have to write it.  Wish me luck!

12 Responses to Attention All My Readers

  1. Good Luck!
    My coffee and I shall miss you.
    WOW! I’ve been reading you for a year? I remember the last one!
    You deserve a break. Throw yourself into it and see what processes while you are busy writing your script. I’m sure you will process much while writing.

  2. (I found you via a comment you left at tbogg :])
    Good luck! I hope you enjoy it~ I’ve wanted to do NaNoWriMo for awhile but never had the time, blah blah~ It’s great to do a creative project that’s so ‘free’, yet still has a deadline.
    Have fun 😀

  3. whabs, I will still post, most likely two to three times a week, but we shall see. This is the novel month, not the script month. You have been reading me for less than a year because I started blogging in January, and I didn’t release the URL (yes, I held it hostage) for a month or so.

    Lorelei, hi, welcome to my blog. Thanks for the good wishes. Feel free to come back and visit because I will have new content up from time to time.

  4. I also didn’t realize that I’ve been reading yyour blog for over a year now. Go for it, and have fun!

  5. Choolie, you haven’t been, either. I started blogging in January. This is how those urban myths get started!

  6. Are you sure you’ve only been blogging since January? Maybe that’s the *real* urban myth.

    I remember distinctly sitting in the waiting room of an E.R. last November with Rod Stewart (stomach pumped) and Richard Gere (de-Gerbalizing) and both of them talking about your blog! 🙂

  7. whabs, good idea. Make it a long weekend.

    Alex, heh. You are teh funny. You made me laugh, and I sorely needed it. By the way, if Rod Stewart and Richard Gere actually read my blog, my opinion of them would rise a notch. 😉

  8. Hi there. I popped over from the Juice. A very honest blog you have here.

    So it’s November 3rd and I am already two days behind on NaNoWriMo. I had a head of steam on November 1 and busted out 2K (it was my birthday, so I was feeling the whole “hurry-up-before-you-die” thing). How’s it going for you?

  9. Hi, R-Jud! Welcome! Good to see you commenting on my blog. How is Little Bean doing? I am very CDO (Compulsive Disorder Obsessive) about these things, and I work from home and set my own timetable. I have set a goal of 7,500 words a day, and I have met it the first two days. Yay, me! Happy birthday, good luck with NaNoWriMo, and feel free to comment here any time.

  10. 7.5K a night? Insanity. I bust out the champagne when I top 5k.

    I also work from home, and am actually a professional copywriter, so you’d think this wouldn’t be a problem. I did better last night writing longhand. No idea how many words, but 10 A4 pages felt pretty good to me.

    Bean is pretty fine, except for the teething thing. She’ll be pottering along, all happy, and then suddenly start yowling at us. “My FACE! It HURRRRRTS! Make it STOP!”

    We’re taking her on a long-haul flight later this month and dreading it. I’m thinking of packing ear plugs for everyone in the seats around us, and carrying lots of cash to buy “Sorry about the screaming” drinks for people.

  11. R-Jud, verbosity is my strong point. I can write and write and write until the cows come home.

    I hear you on writing longhand. There is something satisfying about putting pen to paper, no matter how quaint it now seems.

    I love the story of Bean imploring you to make her face stop hurting. I don’t like the fact that she’s hurting, but it’s so touching that she thinks you can make it stop.

    I think booze and earplugs for everyone is an excellent idea for the long plane trip. Good thinking!