NaNoWriMo Update – Week Two

Small bit of good news.  I have reached my daily goal for NaNoWriMo thus far.  I was going to update y’all on how I’ve done for the second week, but then the stupid flashbacks got in the way.  So.  I haven’t done my writing for today yet, but through November 15, I have 112,515 words.  Yay, me.

P.S.  For the math-impaired, that’s 7,500 words a day.

12 Responses to NaNoWriMo Update – Week Two

  1. You are amazing, Snow Girl. Wow. Color me impressed, seriously.

    I can’t imagine having that kind of talent, so I stand in awe of people who do. It’s kinda like Boyo; I love music, but I have zero musical talent, so people who have it are fascinating to me.

    Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Kel, fanks! I feel good about it myself. I know what you mean about being amazed by other people’s talent. It’s how I feel about your photographic skillz. You cannot read yet!

  3. So 7500 words per day. That works out at 625 per hour assuming a 12 hour day – that’s 10 words a minute, or 1 every 6 seconds.

    Are they long words? or are you usng txt spk? (that hurt to type like that…)

  4. snee, I don’t EVER use txt spk. Ew. I can barely even type that without throwing up.

    I write approximately 2500 words an minute hour when I am creating, so it takes me three hours a day to write the 7500 words. Not bad. Today, though, I need to write 10,500 because I shorted myself 3K yesterday. I am sick, sick, sick (physically), so I gave myself a break yesterday.

  5. Betsy, thanks! I feel pretty good about it. Although, I am not motivated to write today. Yeah, it’s probably because I’m sick, but still.

    Alex, oh I WISH! That would be majorly awesome!