Flash Flickr Food Blogging

taiwanese bunHiya.  I have been informed that people who are not on FB cannot view the photo albums I have been posting with each entry.  I have been bugging my bro to upload the pics to Flickr, and he has finally done just that.  Today, I am linking to the food photo set.  It does not include ALL the pics of food (I don’t think), but you will certainly be totally jealous once you view the album, anyway.

Taiwanese Food Set on Flickr.

4 Responses to Flash Flickr Food Blogging

  1. Don’t you wish! Besides, that would entail you coming to MY side of the pond to get your fair share.

    I went to another street market tonight. Jeaaaaalous?

  2. whabs, heh. I heard about it from other people. I nagged my bro until he did it. Now, you can see all the gorgeous food I’ve been eating here in Taiwan. I will be captioning the pics sometime soon.