For AWS & Yutsano (My Tats)

Here are pics of my tats for anyone not on Facebook, especially arguingwithsignposts and Yutsano from Balloon Juice.  Hey.  We have to amuse ourselves somehow when it’s late at night, don’t we?

lotus blossom

yin yang

ring of fire


4 Responses to For AWS & Yutsano (My Tats)

  1. Hi, Hob! Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. Always great to see another BJer. Flames. Hm. Never thought of that! For my next tat, I just might do that. 😉 Feel free to comment here any time.

  2. MikeJ, another BJer absorbed into my matrix! Yay! Yeah, you Luddites deserve to see my tats, too, I guess. Further down, I have a link to my bro’s Flickr photo set of the food we had in Taiwan. It’s also for those of you who don’t have FB. Thanks for commenting. Drop by any time.