Monthly Archives: September 2009

Burn, Baby Burn

My favorite Tarot card is the Tower, specifically from the Aleister Crowley Deck.  It always has been for many reasons.  One, it’s about the total destruction of old beliefs.  Two, it has fire, which I consider my personal element–all my tats have fire in them, or the representation thereof.   The picture to the right… Continue Reading

I Am Broken

I am broken.  After a really shitty week, I give up.  Many of  my friends have bolstered my spirits (and a big thank you to you all), but the lingering sadness, pain, anger, and hopelessness have persisted. I am vulnerable with no defense to the attacks that seemingly come from all side.  Of course, I… Continue Reading

Babysitting for Dummies

So, my middle nephew came over to play and spend the night.  He is the very sensitive, prone-to-melting-down-in-a-minute, extremely intelligent, and hard-to-handle boy who takes up much of his parents’ attention–and patience.  He is the most brilliant of his siblings, and if he makes it through his furious fives, he will do something amazing with… Continue Reading