Doggone It, Al, We Like You!

franken-closeupIs it over?  Please say it’s over.  What, it’s not over?  Damn.  Well, it’s over in my eyes.

Al Franken, author of Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations as well as of, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them:  A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, as well as an ex-writer and ex-player on SNL, is now, officially, Senator Al Franken, Junior Senator from Minnesota.  Oh, sure, ex-senator Norm Coleman is suing (hey, Norm, what about the healing process now?), but it’s unlikely that he will be able to gain enough votes (226) to overtake Senator Franken.  Heh.  I love writing that.  It must kill Normie every time he reads that Al Franken, political satirist, has usurped his righteous place at the Senate table!

I have no love for Normie, and I haven’t since he flipped parties.  In addition, his legal woes would likely hang over him for his entire term had he remained senator.  Like our not-so-esteemed guv, Tim Pawlenty, Coleman had aspirations for a higher office (I’m speculating here), and I’m hoping they are permanently dashed now.

However, I was disappointed in the campaign that Al ran.  After pledging to be different, he attacked Coleman relentlessly and with gusto.  In addition, Franken sounded so restrained and dispirited when he talked, he was depressing me.  Look, I didn’t expect him to crack wise, but a well-timed joke or two would have been greatly appreciated.

I wanted to vote for Dean Barclay, the independent candidate, but herein lies the rub.  I knew that if I voted for him, I could potentially be throwing the race to Normie.  Barclay got 16% of the vote.  16%!  It’s insane.  He got enough to muck up the race, but not enough to win.  This is the reason we need runoff elections.  I would love to have voted for Barclay, knowing that my vote would have gone to Franken in the end.  Our democratic system is not so democratic because we only really have two parties, and it takes a bajillion dollars to win. 

That is for another entry, though.  Right now, I am still savoring the fact that I can now say Senator Al Franken.  Honestly, I never thought he would win, and I am pretty damn happy that he prevailed.  He is intelligent, thoughtful, and as of yet, not corrupt.  Maybe 2009 will be the year of change.  I can only hope.

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