Just Go, Blago.

Breaking News: 

Illinois Senate unanimously ousts Blago!  Plus, they unanimously bar him from ever working in an Illinois public office again.  What a surprise.


blagoYes, I am still pissed off at the Republicans, and I fully intended to rant about them today–but something else came up.  I was listening to NPR, and the subject of the bat-shit crazy governor from Illinois came up.  I haven’t loathed an individual pol this much since–well, W.  By the way, someone call Jack Malone from Without A Trace because ex-prez Bush has vanished completely.

As I was saying, I loathe Gov. Blagojevich.  I can’t stand the sound of his voice or the smug-but-vapid look on his face.  I can’t bear to listen to his whiny denials about how he hasn’t done anything wrong and how he’s been tried by the kangaroo court.  I am disgusted by how he went on his whirlwind tour of NYC studios to proclaim his innocence while studiously ignoring his impeachment trial.  Then, he has the gall to request being allowed to speak to the senators, even though he refused to be cross-examined. 

By the way, for some reason, I keep thinking about the British pop band, Air Supply, every time Blago is shown on TV, so I have included one of their videos here:

Play it as mood music while you finishing reading the rest of this rant. 

I am doubly pissed that Rachel interviewed him all night long recently, depriving me of her loveliness for one evening.  While I agree with him that many, many pols ‘pay to play’, most of them are not stupid enough to get caught doing it on tape.  His total lack of self-awareness and/or remorse is maddening.  His comparison of himself to Mandela and Gandhi is infuriating.  However, listening to him talk, one has to ask, is he actually crazy?  Well, Rachel tackled this subject on a past show.  She brings on Illinois State Senator Joe Lyons to discuss a comment the latter had made about the mental state of the governor.

I have to agree.  There’s something wrong with Blago mentally.  I think it’s partly a case of politician ego, but it’s more than that.  Regardless, he is holding his state hostage while he prances around, carrying on his charade.   If he really wanted to do what was best for his constituents, he would let his lieutenant governor temporarily take over.  Of course, the two of them haven’t spoken to each other in a year, which is indicative of how things work in Chicago politics.

I do have to wonder why everyone is coming down so hard on him and letting  bigger, badder criminals (W., Cheney, and the gang) run around scot-free.  Maybe it’s because it actually seems possibly to do something about Blago whereas we all feel helpless when it comes to the Bush Gang. 

I don’t know.  What I do know is that I am sick and tired of politicians who think that they are above the law or that the law doesn’t pertain to them.  I am past the point of listening to self-serving rationalization of why they did what they did.  I don’t care if Blago healed the sick and gave money to the poor (actually, he held up a children’s memorial hospital for a personal contribution, so he’s not really a champion of anybody but himself), he is still a crook.  I want him out of office at the very least.  I would be even happier if Bush and the Gang were right besides him, but I’m not holding my breath.

Governor Blago, I am making a direct appeal to you.  Just go, and take your silly hair with you.  You–and it–are past overdue.

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