Eight is MORE Than Enough, Damnit!

Udate:  I just read the headline that the mother’s mother said her daughter was obsessed with having kids and this has to stop.  Um, too little too late.  I am not one for involuntary tube-tying, but I will make an exception in this case–and in the case of Michelle Duggars.

CB066596Gah.  What the–huh?  Is she fucking nuts???????  That was my initial reaction to reading the story of the California woman who gave birth to octuplets–one of them who was not expected.  The mother had a team of 46 physicians, nurses, and other workers during her seven-week bed rest. 

My second thought was that she had to have had fertility treatment because humans are not like cats that have litters at a time.  For the first few days, there was very little info on how this woman had conceived, but it was finally revealed that, yes, she had the embryos implanted in her womb.  Then, the shocker:  She already has SIX KIDS AT HOME, including a set of twins.

Now, here is where I go bat-shit crazy, so turn away if you’re squeamish.

What the fuck, are you kidding me?  Are you fucking kidding me?  This crazy woman has six kids, and an immoral doctor actually consents to knock her up (artificially) again?  That doctor should be strung up by his toes and left out to hang with a sign reading, “I’m a Greedy Mothermaker” tattooed on his bare chest.  Oh, and this should happen in sub-zero temperatures.   I just read that there may not have been a doctor involved.  Well, someone has to be involved, and that person needs to be held accountable.

Second of all, the media needs to stop going all starry-eyed, goo-goo voiced over these multiple births.  It’s not natural; it’s not healthy; it’s FUCKING expensive; it’s sick, really.  The media paints this fairy tale picture of an insta-family (just add eggs and stir), but they rarely show the downside to having multiples.

In addition, these people are flat-ass broke, and there is no mention of a father.  In the meantime, the mother’s father is going back to Iraq to earn a little money.  Now, the bills have got to get paid, somehow, right.  So, who gets to pay?  Make a little guess.  That’s right, the good people of flat-ass broke California are going to have to pay for most if not all of the costs.

Oh, sure, the family will get stuff for free like the McCaughey septuplets have been getting and will continue to get, but still.  It’s not easy to take care of that many kids.  Maybe this mother can get a reality show like the Duggars (not linking them.  They whore out their family enough on their own).  If you read the article on the septuplets, you’ll notice that the mom feeds the kids crap because it’s cheaper.  Oh, by the way, they got a free house when the kids were born, too.  Where can I get me one of those?

One of the reasons I didn’t have kids is because of how overburdened our world is to begin with.  You add a family like this, and it just boggles the mind how much resources they are wasting.  All the doctors said you can’t tell your patients how many kids to have.  Well, for once, I am going to take the more authoritarian approach and say, “Hell, yes you can!  If they cannot pay for eight kids (and really, who could?), then THEY SHOULD NOT BE FUCKING ALLOWED TO HAVE FERTILITY TREATMENT!”

In case you can’t guess, I am fuming over this.  I got so much grief over my decision not to have kids, but in the end, who is it affecting other than me?  No one.  My non-kids don’t use up any resources, and they don’t cost me a dime. 

In addition, kids need a lot of individual attention.  It’s hard enough feeling loved as it is–imagining having to split the attention by eight (or really, fourteen).  There is just not enough time in the day for this to happen.  This is just wrong on so many levels. 

One additional thing I’d like to point out–many of these families refuse to abort some of the eggs, saying that it’s up to God to decide which ones live.  Well, if you can’t get pregnant, maybe that’s God’s way of saying not to have kids!  Did you ever think of that?  You don’t get to pick and choose what God is saying so it fits what you want to do, anyway.  That’s not how it works!

I am sorry this is so jumbled, but I cannot wrap my brain around this idiocy.  I’ll try again later if I manage to pull it together.

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