Sick Day

popcornThe good news–I no longer want to rip my eyeballs out.  The bad news–I want to eviscerate both lungs. 

To that end, I am posting two old movie reviews today in lieu of an actual substantive post.  They are, The End of the Affair and Breakfast on Pluto.  Both are directed by Neil Jordan, and both have the excellent actors Steven Rea and Ian Hart in them.  Beyond that, there is no comparison between the two.  Although I have tagged them as reviews to read after you see the movies, you can arguably read the reviews before watching the movies.  There are no major spoilers, but I do discuss each movie in depth.

So.  Grab a tub of popcorn, read my reviews and decide if you want to watch a movie or two.  Or, if you’re Kiki, grab some red licorice instead.

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