Maybe Baby–Before You See It

                                                                                                                                            6:02 p.m.      11/18/05

I hate romantic comedies. I really hate romantic comedies. I would go so far as to say I loathe them. Why am I bringing this up? Because I have recently watched two romantic comedies, and I need to remind myself that no matter who is in them, they are not worth renting. Let me check that. I watched the first ten minutes each of two romantic comedies-the first being Maybe Baby starring one of People’s Sexiest Men, Hugh Laurie. It’s a British comedy, so I hold out hope that it’ll be ok. Hope quickly fades.

We start out with Hugh in a work meeting situation. There’s a new boss at the station-I think he writes commercials or some such thing. I have no idea what Hugh’s name is in the movie. Sam? I think. Anyway, the new boss looks like a cross between Clive Owens and Peyton Manning, which is not a compliment. He sounds like he’s barking out orders on the football field as well as the obnoxious, over-the-top boss that everybody loves to hate. In actuality, he’s Matthew MacFadyen, the new Mr. Darcy, and presumably, no relation to the scrumptious Angus MacFadyen. His stereotypical character is wearisome, and it’s a welcomed break when Hugh’s mobile rings. It’s his wife, played by Joely Richardson, and she wants to screw because she’s ovulating.

Hugh hops on his motorcycle-so hot. He rides in real life-and hurries home to have sex with his wife before hurrying back to work. Oh, why do I bother explaining the plot? It’s easy. He and Joely are having trouble conceiving. His best friend at work just had a baby-well, his wife did. They go over to see baby, and the others chuff Hugh and Joely for not getting things done. Emma Thompson plays a screwball New Age woman who believes in the power of the vagina. She is irritating and annoying and not for a minute believable. Not because there aren’t women like her-there are-but because she is too stereotypical to be true.

The biggest problem? Besides not enough Hugh Laurie flesh? Joely Richardson doesn’t do a damn thing for me. Besides also being a stereotype-they all are-she’s annoying and whiney. Plus, there’s a hunk who signs up for the agency for which she works-actors-and heavy sparks fly. Never mind that he’s an ass or that Hugh Laurie is a million times sexier-you know that there’s going to be trouble. In fact, I predict that she messes around with actor boy before realizing that no matter what, Hugh is the one for her. I wouldn’t know as I stopped watching around this point. I also predict that she will get pregnant by the end of the film. I’m not as sure of that as I would be if it were an American film, but I’m pretty sure.

This movie is horrid. Not even Hugh Laurie can salvage it-though he’s definitely the best thing about it. Forget about this for your Netflix Queue and watch anything else he’s in-it’s got to be better than this.

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