Welcome Back!

barack_and_michelle-smallWell.  That’s another Scriptfrenzy.org month in the books.  It was an interesting ride, and it’s not over for me.  I ground out 153 pages total (145 on my screenplay, and eight on my musical), and I only hit two and a half penises.   Don’t ask.  So, it will be a trilogy when I get around to finishing it.  I am done with the Alan Rickman-related scenes (yes, nekkid, of course.  It’s my screenplay, and I can write whatever I want), so my interest has dipped a bit, but there are other yummy men on tap, so to speak, so my interest isn’t completely flagging.

Anyway, it wasn’t easy, but it was fun.  However, I really missed blogging, so I am glaaaaad to be back.  I would like to quickly remind you that I will not post comments that are devoid of content and that only want to call me names.  I am more than happy to debate issues, but I have no interest in getting into a name-calling fight.  OK?  OK!

Now.  Since I haven’t blogged much over the past month, I’m going to ease my way back in.  I was going to blog about MN’s own wingnut, Michele Bachmann, but I don’t want to harsh my high my first day back.  So, instead, I am going to write a love letter to President Obama.  I saw his presser for his first hundred days in office, and I fell in love with him all over again.

Dear President Obama:

Hi, how’re you doing?  I know you’re kinda busy right now, but I wanted to take the time to comment on your first hundred days in office because I think it’s not been given enough air-time.   It’s a crying shame because as everybody knows, your performance in your first hundred days tells us everything we need to know about you.  So, keeping that in mind, here are my thoughts.

You were handed a plateful of crap when you stepped in the office (more like a truckful of manure dumped at your feet, but whatever).  People were screeching at you to do everything at once (fix the economy, save the banks and the cars, etc.) AND to not do so much (healthcare, for example) at the same time.  Every day, you had to hear about how you had to be bipartisan and how you weren’t bipartisan enough and how you needed to move more to the right because we are a centrist-right nation (ha!  That is one meme that NEEDS to die) who would FREAK THE FUCK OUT if you implemented any even remotely-liberal ideas.

Except, curiously enough, America didn’t.  Even though the media hyped this meme to the fullest extent, they didn’t get the result they expected/wanted.  Why?  Because first of all, Obama won the election.  I know, I know, this seems like pointing out the obvious, but it has to be said.

Obama ran on a platform which included ending the wars in a prudent fashion, turning to alternative energy, the need to reduce abortion while supporting a woman’s right to choose, healthcare for all, tax cuts for the proles, etc.  Then, and this needs to be repeated over and over, he won.  By a lot.  Therefore, yeah, President Obama has a mandate to do pretty much anything he wants.  Ok.  Back to my letter.

I wasn’t sure where you were going with the stimulus package.  You overextended yourself (in my mind) to the Republicans and got a grand total of zero votes from House Repulicans for your efforts.  Now, however, I see that you really wanted to test the bipartisan rhetoric be giving it the old college try.  You gauged the response, and now you know where you stand.  Well played, President Obama, well played.

When I watched your presser the other night, I couldn’t get over how…presidential you seemed.  Oh, I know, that sounds trite, but after eight years of W., it’s so damn refreshing.  You’re smart, thoughtful, introspective, speculative, self-deprecating, and you have a great laugh.  I don’t have to cringe while waiting for you to respond to a question.  I don’t have to worry that you’ll mispronounce every other word or call the reporters by stupid nicknames.  I don’t have to have my finger on the mute button in case it becomes too much to bear.

Full disclosure:  I stopped watching W. pressers approximately one year after he took office.  I just couldn’t watch him.  I have said it time and time again, but I don’t tolerate stupidity and ignorance.

Ok.  Back to you.  The way you wrote down that idiotic four-part question was so charming.  The fact that you gave such a substantial response to it was impressive.  Don’t listen to the nattering nabobs who intoned that your presser was boring.  I watched almost the whole thing, and I wasn’t bored once.  OK, I did not like your response on when you can use the defense of state secrets, but I take comfort in the fact that I can at least understand your reasoning even when I don’t agree.

You are a breath of fresh air in the White House.  You speak with grace, integrity, and knowledge.  I know that I will be putting your feet to the fire over some issues in the future, but for now, I just want to thank you for all you have done in your first hundred days in office.    You have restored dignity, sobriety, and level-headed thinking to the White House.  It’s about time.

P.S.  You tell the GOP this for me:  Be constructive, or get out of the damn way.  The adults are now in charge.

P.P.S.  You have a winner in your wife, too.  Give her my love as well.

P.P.P.S.  Give some sugar to Joe B.-the-VP.  I love him.  I don’t think he’s the gaffe-machine he’s been called.  I stick by that, even with his latest apparent misstep.

4 Responses to Welcome Back!

  1. First, I do not think that it is appropriate to use the F*** word in a letter to our President.

    That said, I agree 200% with everything you said, from cringing everytime GWB came on tv, knowing he’d speak like a 6 year old or worse, he would act totally unpresidential and he would talk without saying anything. And his pressers (as you call them) were all sleazy liars.

    Obama is thoughtful and brilliant and, as they keep saying on the news, has done more in his first 100 days in office than any president since FDR. He did inherit a horrible mess, to put it mildly, and has, against all the Republican ill will and attempts to twist and lie, achieved a great deal and has indeed started turning things around in almost every domaine. He must succeed because if he fails, America fails.

  2. Holy shit, you’re right! I can’t swear when talking to the POTUS. I will have to edit this before I send it!

    I agree that he has done so much in his first hundred days. It’s incredible when you stop to actually think about it. Jonathan Alter, a guy who wrote a book about FDR said that Obama wasn’t FDR, but he (Obama) was in that territory. Highly exalted ground. You are also correct that if Obama fails, so does America. In fact, that is the reason I’m worried that he’s not progressive enough when it comes to the banking system/Wall Street. I have the uncomfortable feeling that they are the ones who will finally decapitate our country.

  3. Welcome back Minna! I missed your words! YAY!
    What a nice treat to wake up to after blogging and coffee. I made my rounds and as I clicked, was thinking..”She said she’d be back” and you are!
    I haven’t even read your post, just rushed in to say YAY! and give you a big hug! Now I’ll go read.
    I couldn’t have said it better, but then I sort of fell off the face of the world the last two weeks and into “lets not go there” world of me.
    I did manage to listen to the 100 day speech, I just haven’t been blogging political lately.

  4. Hi, whabs! Thank you, thank you. It’s good to be back. I really missed blogging. I’m feeling heavy-hearted about the banking quagmire, the racism, and other crap. Writing about it helps me feel a little better. I am still easing myself back into the groove, so it’s probably going to be another fluff piece today.