One Hour

I leave for my bro’s in an hour.  My throat is tight, and I’ve forgotten how to breathe.  I will get in touch when I can.  Hope everybody else is having a good holiday season.

9 Responses to One Hour

  1. This trip is finite. You will come through it. This trip is finite. It is not a trap. You get to leave at the end.

    Safe travels, on all levels.

  2. Hugs to you! Glad I got to see you in person before you left. Remember – you can totally kick his ass now, if you have to.

  3. Alex, thank you. I could have used a double dose of it just now.

    Betsy, yeah. We shall see. I am not so sure the real me will be able to escape intact.

    Choolie, I can. But, apparently, he can still reduce me to tears in one minute flat.

    Gregory, I agree with you that when the fear is gone, nothing will remain. Pardon me if I remove the last sentence.

    mcd410x, hey, another BJ’er. Good to see ya, welcome to my blog, and thank you for your well-wishes.

  4. Nope, I won’t pardon you, Minna. That isn’t what it means at all. The fear isn’t you. The fear will be gone, and you will remain.

    No one imagines this experience will be pleasant, Minna, but you’ll be done with it, and from then on you can make the rules, if you choose.

  5. He can reduce you to tears because he can still push some buttons. But that’s all he can do. It’s OK if you aren’t 100% where you want to be. I can’t think of many people who are.

  6. Gregory, you know I don’t have the confidence in me that you do. We have talked about this before, but my fear is that I am not strong enough to make the changes necessary for me to live my life as I choose.

    Choolie, yeah, true. It just bothers me that he can make me feel like shit so quickly and without any effort on his part.