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Channeling My Inner Cyndi Lauper and Putting the Religious Right on Notice

The subject of birth control should be far from controversial. To many women, the only thing controversial about it is that we’re still fighting this battle.

I’ve loved Cyndi Lauper since I first watched her video, Girls Just Want To Have Fun. This was back in the eighties, and she was the most outrageous person I’d seen up to that point. She had obviously dyed hair cut in a punk cut, loud makeup, funky clothing, and gaudy jewelry. In addition, she had Asian women in her video. I’d never seen that before! Cyndi was unapologetically different, and she seemed so comfortable in her own skin. Plus, she could fucking SING.

Watch the video and try not to smile and sing along. You can’t do it; you simply cannot. She brought some much-needed color to my life and even though I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time, she was the first woman to show me that being a freak wasn’t necessarily a negative thing.

She had another song that came out in 1993 but that I didn’t hear until much later called, Sally’s Pigeons. The tone of this song is much more somber, as is Cyndi herself. It’s the story of two best friends growing up and doing the things that girls that age do. Their girlhoods are normal until the best friend, Sally, gets pregnant.

She left one night with just a nod, was lost to some back alley job.

That’s just one line, tucked in the song, but the impact is powerful. I’ve used this song when posting about this topic before because it’s one of the few songs that actually mentions the reality of life before Roe v. Wade. I’m not saying this was a true-life story of Cyndi’s though it feels authentic; I’m just saying it hit me hard because I could imagine this scenario, except with me in the role of Sally.

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Religious Freedom For Thee, But Not For Me

Religious Freedom For Thee, But Not For Me

Ed. Note: My thoughts are still jumbled on this. It’s really hard to get past incoherent rage. So, I apologize that this is going to be disjointed. It’s the best I could do. 

My reaction in reading the Hobby Lobby decision on Monday: FUCK YOU, SCOTUS, AND THE HOBBY LOBBY HORSE YOU RODE IN ON.* I was pissed off, disgusted, seething, and a whole plethora of other emotions, and I still am. But what I am the most is tired.

I’m tired of being considered a second-class citizen in this country because of my gender. Yes, I can get pregnant and give life, but that doesn’t mean that I should be forced to do so. “The fetus is a person.” Well, no. It’s potential person at best, and given that 10 – 20% of pregnancies end up in miscarriages, it’s easy to refute that truism, even if you can’t convince the person saying it. If it were true that every pregnancy should be brought to term, there would be no miscarriages. There are valid reasons for terminating a pregnancy, even if it’s not because the fetus has a genetic defect. Now, I’m going to say something heretical. Even if I were to concede that a fetus is a life (which, again, I don’t), my rejoinder would be that I am, too. I’m a living, breathing person, and I fucking matter. I matter as much as those cells hypothetically swimming around inside my body; no, I matter MORE. I wrote about this realization after Dr. Tiller’s murder. You can read my thoughts about why I matter here. And, to get even more meta about it, why it matters that I realize I matter.

Going down that road, that’s another thing that makes me tired. These religious extremists are telling me that I don’t matter as much as this potential person does. My hopes, dreams, fears, ambitions, etc., are meaningless to these assholes once I become pregnant. Then, I am nothing more than a vessel for the potential life inside of me. They are saying that anything I want for my life is moot once a sperm happens to hook up with one of my eggs, and I am having none of it. What’s ironic is that they don’t give a shit once the baby is actually born, but another post for another day.

I am tired of the anti-choice successfully dominating the narrative so that pro-choice activists have to apologize for abortion or qualify it. Yes, it’s a terrible horrible awful thing and yes the goal is zero abortions and, and, and….We’ve allowed them to define ‘good’ abortions (or rather, acceptable abortions, i.e., in the case of rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother) versus ‘bad’ abortion (unacceptable abortions, every other abortion). It’s because of this that anti-choicers can argue about the evil Slutty McSluts who are having sex all over the place and then going through the drive-thru of McDonald’s to order up their abortions for the day.
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Let’s Step into Fantasyland

swat_teamI wrote briefly yesterday about AIG handing out $165 million in bonuses to the very employees who drove the company (and our economy) into the ground.  Today, there is rage and fury and a whole lot of indignation going around.  “How can they do that?”  “What are they thinking?”  “Don’t they have any decency?”  In order, “Easily”;  “They deserve it”; “No”.  Any other question?

In the meantime, the administration is shocked and aghast, but, hey, their hands are tied–so says Larry Summers.   These are contracts, and we can’t just break them.  Um, yeah we can.  Employers do it all the time.  It’s called renegotiation.  Basically, the employer says, “If you don’t accept this cut, we’ll fire you.”  Try it, Edward M. Liddy–you might be astonished at how successful you could be.  Please, though, do not trot out that tired old line about ‘having’ to give the money to retain the best and the brightest.  I demolished the validity of that mentality yesterday, and let me add, where the fuck are they going to go?  Who the fuck is going to want someone who killed the economy–wait, I shouldn’t ask that.  With the nifty little Ponzi scheme all you CEOs are running, someone will pick up the dregs because they have been pushed as the best and the brightest.

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Nihilist for a Day

scaled-maskOr, alternately, there’s a sucker born every minute.  Ok, the two aren’t really related, but they are in my mind.  I am using a relatively shallow take on nihilism when I explain my mood today.

What dominates the news outside of the economic crisis?  Stories on the OctoPussy (octuplets’ mom), failed Ponzi schemes that accrued millions and billions for the schemers (ok, that’s within the purview of money, but not of the main economic crisis), banks too big to fail and their greedy CEOs (yeah, I know, so sue me), A-Rod admitting to steroids use before it was illegal in baseball, though it was still illegal in the States, a growing consensus that W.’s admin should be investigated for wrongdoings, though we all know that no one of any importance will be unduly discomfited by the process, and a few weeks ago, there was a story about a woman, a supposed women’s studies major, who auctioned off her virginity (through The Mustang Ranch in Nevada) for three million, claiming it was a feminist statement.

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Yeah, So?

I am sick.  No, I mean literally this time.  Physically.  I get bronchitis fairly regularly, but this is beyond what I usually get.  Everything hurts.  My eyeballs, my joints, my muscles, my tendons, my eyelids, my elbows, my knees, my scalp, my throat, and my chest.  That is just the short list.  So, for today’s love song, I am posting Nazareth’s Love Hurts because it just feels right.

Ok.  What do I love today?  Um, water.  Yes.  Water to drink, that is, not to bathe in.  The latter hurts my skin.  Add that to the list of things hurting.  But to drink?  It’s manna.  No, not Minna, but manna.  I also love how throaty and sexy my voice is.  Too damn bad all I want to do is curl up in a ball and whimper.  I love my friends making me laugh and showing me concern on the Facebook.  That is all I love today.  Oh, and my kittehs.  I always love mah kittehs.

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CEOs Are Greedy! What a Shock!

the big fishAll right.  Greed is the topic of the day, but before I get to CEOs, let me follow up on yesterday’s post.  SMR pointed out that the mother of the octuplets is wangling to get $2 M to go on Oprah because of her (mother’s) super-awesome birthing capabilities.  I didn’t want to believe it, so of course I looked it up. 

Here is the link on UK Timesonline.  If she does get the money, there needs to be somebody making sure that the KIDS get it and not her.  I don’t think she should get jackshit, but then the kids will be the ones to suffer for it.

You know what really chaps my ass?  Well, pretty much everything, but in this case, it’s the grief I got when I decided I didn’t want children.  I was in my early twenties, and I just knew I didn’t want them.  Reactions ranged from condescension (‘Oh, you’re still young–you’ll change your mind’) to anger (‘So I guess you think I’m bad for wanting kids, then!’).   Yet, as I have stated before, my child-free status hurts no one (except for my mother.  She’s still hoping). 

On to love!  Today’s video is Erasure’s Love to Hate You, and it’s live.  So crank it up as I tell you what I love today.

So, what do I love today?  I love when a story idea comes to my brain fully formed.  I love walking around with the story unfolding, every scene as vivid as if it were is a movie.   I love the anticipation of a great story (because all my best stories come to me intact), and I love not having to actually think it up.  Then, when the whole story presents itself to my brain, I sit down at my computer and write for three days straight.  At the end, I have a beautiful story that needs very little editing.  I love that.

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