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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, and, the Anatomy of a Taiwanese Woman

I couldn’t sleep last night (surprise surprise).  I got up in the middle of the night to do some online stuff before trying to sleep a bit more.  When I finally got out of bed, it was eight-thirty.  To my mild surprise, no brother barging into my room.  Nothing.  Fifteen minutes later, I heard a… Continue Reading

Blowin’ and Throwin’

I’m mad.  I’m mad that I have to be dealing with this eating bullshit again, especially now.  I’m mad that as a highly-intelligent woman, I can’t stop equating my worth to a number on the scale.  I mean, my blood pressure is a steady 120/80, and my cholesterol is low.  My pulse is good, and… Continue Reading

It’s Not Just Food

Ok.  I had my therapist appointment today, and we discovered that I am fucked up when it comes to food.  No, really!  I know, amazing, but true.  I have had ED issues since I was eighteen.  Twenty years.  To recap, I went on a strict diet right before going to college because I decided that… Continue Reading

She’s So Hot

Today, there was a shooting near Pittsburgh.  I was gonna write about the rightwing, antisocial, white male gun nut who shot up an aerobics class full of women before allegedly killing himself and how even liberal guys seemed to sympathize with him to some extent, but I’m still too upset about it to be at… Continue Reading

Weight of the World

All right, mateys!  Up next is item number two on my list, losing weight.   You might want to put on your hip waders because it’s gonna get dirty and ugly up in here.  Why?  Because when I talk about weight issues, it ain’t pretty.  This time,  I’m looking at the issue of weight mostly… Continue Reading