A Poem of Love and Grief

Rose On Wood BWfor a dear sister halfway around the world
wishing you a safe journey home
i am holding you in my heart
shining a white light to guide your brother,
gently, to the other side.

i surround you with love and strength
in a desperate attempt to shield you from your pain;
wishful thinking, i know,
for there is no way to get through it
but to grieve, mourn, cook, and love.

as the day is bleak around me
as the wind blows right through me
i mourn for you and for your family
as you deal with all you have lost;
i continue to embrace you, with tears in my eyes.

sister of my heart, sister of my soul
for all the times you’ve comforted me
for all the times you’ve listened to me
for all the times you’ve made me laugh
i am here, fiercely, waiting to hear from you.

words are all i have to comfort you
as little as they may be in this case,
i offer them without reservation
plus unwavering support and love
as you say your final goodbyes.

P.S.  Two videos for you:

First is Girlyman’s Say Goodbye.

The second is The Storys’ Journey’s End.  I can’t get it to embed properly, so I just linked it.  My thoughts are with you.

6 Responses to A Poem of Love and Grief

  1. Minna, you said beautifully what I wanted to tell Jamie and just couldn’t find the words or the voice for. Thank you.

    Jamie, if you read this, please know that much love comes your way and travels with you even without words.

  2. iratwo, I wasn’t gonna blog about this, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her and her family yesterday. I hope she knows that we are all holding her in our arms.

  3. Dear Dear Minna,

    I am here with tears in my eyes – and I told my mom what I was reading and she too is so touched and asked me to print this beautiful poem out for her – and am thanking you with all of my heart, thanking you for the words and thanking you for the friendship which has supported me more than mere words, knowing you are there, knowing what we are to each other (and Vera and Bobbi and Clare and Sabine, our gang, my lovely soul sisters). I have never lived through anything more difficult, nothing sadder and my heart is broken, yet you have kept me going, kept me smiling, helped me through and I thank you. I love you.

  4. Jamie, I am so glad it touched you and your mother. I am with you in spirit. Much love and comfort headed your way.