I’m a Hazard to Myself*

All right. I’ve done movies and I’ve done TV. Next up is music, of course. As I have said before, I don’t care for the Beatles, the Stones, the Who, Zepplin, etc. I like the stray song by them, but I am not enamored of their oeuvres, and this causes me no angst at all. Except when other people rag on me about it, and even that doesn’t bother me. Eh. Make me like them, I say. So far, hasn’t happened. I just don’t really relate to many of the older bands for whatever reason. (Mebbe because they are all-male and all-white? Could be). I also didn’t hear my first pop song until I was in sixth grade or so, and it was Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue. It was weird, but oddly catching. As a teen, I liked the usual boy bands–Duran Duran, a-ha, Bon Jovi, and (to my everlasting embarrassment) New Kids on the Block. I wasn’t really exposed to a wide range of music until well after I graduated from college.

So. What kind of music do I like now? I would say that I am mostly an indie/folk kinda gal, but I’ve had my musical horizons expanded exponentially by the good folks over at BJ, along with musical suggestions from new friends like Gregory, Kel, and others. I will first list my fave groups, and then I will riff on the new songs that I enjoy. Again, in no particular order (and remember that these are my favorites.  I am not declaring them the best ever or anything ridiculous like that).

  1. The Saw Doctors. They are an Irish band that is really just about having a good time on stage. I found them through the Pandora website, and I instantly fell in love with them.
  2. Lowen and Navarro. They are a indie folk duo that wrote the Pat Benatar hit, We Belong. Unfortunately, Eric Lowen was diagnosed with ALS five years ago, and Dan Navarro is now touring on his own.
  3. Indigo Girls. Indie folk duo. I adored them up through 1997 and their album, Shaming of the Sun. After that, I lost interest.
  4. Erasure. Pop-synth duo. I liked them up through Chorus, and I also liked their acoustic covers of their own songs for the album, Union Street.
  5. Shawn Mullins. He’s indie folky, and I like his gravelly voice.
  6. The Waifs. An indie band from Australia, made up of two sisters and some dude. I mostly like their compilation discs, A Brief History.
  7. Ozomatli. How to describe them? Latin-infused, infectious dance music comes close, but doesn’t do them justice.

Then, I like the soundtracks from the Broadway musical, Rent (NOT the movie version); Buffy’s Once More With Feeling episode; Hedwig and the Angry Inch (both soundtracks); the movie, Moulin Rouge; the movie, Once; the movie, Kinky Boots.

I like various songs by The Storys (thanks, Rubo), Andrea Bocelli, Alessandro Safina, Concrete Blonde, Lit, Jonny Lang, Santana, Rob Thomas, kd lang, The Ahn Trio, Mike Park (love love love his song, Asian Prodigy), Jim Carroll (thanks, Gregory. I especially dig the song, People Who Died), Pink Floyd, and Idlewild.

I like single songs like Drive by Melissa Ferrick (thanks, Kel); Give it to Me Right by Melanie Fiona (thanks, TiredMom); Father and Son by Cat Stevens/ Yusuf Islam (thanks, JK); Mr. Brightside by The Killers (look, it’s Eric Roberts!); Say Goodbye by Girlyman (thanks, T D); Tomorrow Wendy by Andy Prieboy (again, thanks, T D); In Demand by Texas (though, to be totally honest, it’s largely in part because Alan Rickman is in it.  I would give up a lot to have been the lead singer, especially for the gas station scene).

This is just a sampling of the music that I like. I also like a bunch of older rap as well as power ballads, but I don’t feel like linking any more, so I’m going to stop here. For now.

*It’s a line from the Pink song, Don’t Let Me Get Me. I can’t embed the original video, so I’m linking it here.

4 Responses to I’m a Hazard to Myself*

  1. Drive is an awesome song.
    First time I heard it I thought, there is no way she is singing that to a man, that’s hot!
    Hazard to Myself…been there! Hahahahaha
    Pink Floyd…I love them, I love the 17 minute live introduction to Shine. Simply delicious to my ears.
    Oh, and I thought of you Saturday morning when The Girl asked if I liked Metallica, then linked me to Apocalyptica over at The YouTube.

  2. whabs, that was my exact same reaction to Drive! No way it can be about a man. Heh. Cool that The Girl knew Apocalyptica and that you thought about me. I’m definitely a hazard to myself!

  3. Pffft – I’ve got 4 tickets for a Led Zep tribute band (supposed to be a really good one too), but seeing as you don’t like ’em, I shan’t bother inviting you then 🙂