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The Slow Reveal

All right.  Today, I am going to start by doing something I rarely do:  I am going to pat myself on the back.  I have a difficult time congratulating myself when I do something good, so I have decided to do that now.  Here.  In the first paragraph of this entry.  I have two things to share.  Gulp.

#1 (OK, this is the second paragraph.  I lied.  Deal).  My mom’s magnum opus went through the process at a very fast-pace and is now accepted to be published.   Why am I patting myself on the back for this?  Because I worked my ass off on it, and that shit looked good.  I had an interactive (or whatever it’s called) table of contents (if I updated the chapters, I could automatically update the TOC, too) and everything.  I mean, damn.  That was some of my best editing work ever.  I really hit the ball out of the park with this one.  Yes, a second round of edits is coming up, and yes, I made a few mistakes, but overall, I did a kick-ass job.  Pat, pat, pat.

#2.  In the last three weeks, I have lost an inch-and-a-half around my waist, which translates to 7.5 pounds.  This is exactly how much I lose each week whenever I start losing weight.  I had forgotten how…not easy…steady the loss is in the beginning.  I won’t say easy because it’s been damn hard work.  Still.  It’s been a nice little boost to pull out the tape-measure (I don’t do scales) and see the steady loss.

Now that that is out of the way, I would like to say that once I am done with my mother’s magnum opus and a couple other things I am doing for her right now (including booking her flight to Colorado because apparently the interwebs is too tough for her, and no, Mom, I do not want to go with you to your conference), we will be setting some very clear delineations between what is my job and what isn’t.  When we started working on her magnum opus, we just said I would edit the thing.  That was it.  Oh, it also included re-typing her thesis because that was lost in the Great Hard Drive Crash of Aught…Something.  We only had hard copies, so re-type it I would.  That was part of the deal, and it was only seventy-some pages, so whatever.

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Uncomfortably Numb

I have many things going on right now, so why do I feel as if I’m going nowhere, and fast?  As I mentioned yesterday, I have a new blogging gig.  In addition, I have my mom’s magnum opus to type (around 250 pages), and another editing job on the backburner.  In addition, I’m blogging every day.  I have tentatively stepped back into the realm of fiction, and I intend to get my fiction blog up and running sometime soon.

So, what’s the problem?  I am burnt out.  My emotional reservations are low, and I don’t know how to shore them up.  My sis-in-law is neurotic, controlling, and the unhappiest person I know.  Whenever I am around her, I am overwhelmed by the negative sensory input that I receive.

My mom and I went to my bro’s today to celebrate my nephew’s third birthday (and cake.  Cake IS NOT a lie).  I didn’t get the chance to snooze before we went, so I was already thin in the protective shield area.  If I am up and rested, I can shrug off my SIL’s constant sniping.  When I feel the way I did today, however, I just can’t deal with it.

It doesn’t help that it reminds me of being around my father when I was young.  His big weapon was his silent treatment.  He would sit in a recliner in stony silence, and the rest of us would have to tiptoe around him lest we sent him further into a tizzy.  I never knew what would set him off and what would finally snap him out of it.

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Identity Politics

cherry blossomsSo. I have briefly blogged about a comment over at BJ that was directed at me by a commenter (woman, I think.  Ed. note: I think it’s a man now.  Which makes more sense as men, in general, have a more aggressive style of commenting) who was angry that I would dare mention my race and/or gender when discussing an issue.  Now, the issue was a paternalistic pat-on-the-head blog entry from a male to Sarah Palin, concern-trolling about her delicate woman parts and how she just can’t defend herself against her mean critics.  This blogger was an enthusiastic Hillary Clinton supporter, and I don’t think he’s over it yet.

Anyway, he was saying how, like Clinton, Palin was pilliored by the press because she’s a woman.  We have to remember, he admonished, that she was once a little girl.  She’s someone’s mother, daughter, etc.

Excuse me what the fuck?  Did he say the same thing when Sanford was getting ridiculed for his escapade on the Appalachian Trail?  “Oh, be nice to the poor guy.  He used to be a little boy once.  He’s someone’s son and someone’s father.”  I would guess not.

I digress yet again!  Anyway, he went on to say that Clinton had been demonized.  Many commenters took him to task at his sexist tone and ‘there, there, little girl’ manner.  Some were women who mentioned that as feminists, they didn’t appreciate his trying to portray women as delicate flowers who need to be pillowed in soft, fluffy stuff so she won’t shatter.

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Fuck You, California

fuck-you-ca2Subtitled:  I’m taking my next vacation in Iowa.

First of all, I am not a lawyer.  I don’t play one on TV, and I don’t purport to understand all the complexities of our legal system.  I wanted to get that out of the way because I want my not-so-gentle readers to be clear that what I am about to say may have no legal standing.  OK?  OK.  

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time for me to weigh in on the Supreme Court of California upholding Prop H8, which bans same-sex marriages.  If you want nuanced discussions on the legal aspects of the ruling, you’ll have to find another blog.  All I can offer is my own perspective.

Shall I remind you of what my own perspective is?  I am bi.  I am also not supportive of marriage in general because I think it’s unfair for married couples to get benefits (automatic health insurance and cheap hotel rooms) that singles don’t receive.   In fact, I wonder if some of the rightwing belligerence on the point of SSM is because of the fact that they don’t want gays to get the same easy access to healthcare that they do.  Yes, that’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but still.  

OK.  So, I am a bi who doesn’t give a shit about marriage.  I don’t intend to marry anyone, so I have no personal dog in this fight.  However, as I have said in other contexts, I am for equal treatment and equal rights across the board.  Therefore, if straights can get married (and divorced and married and divorced), and our government grants rights with that privilege (hospital visitation rights, inheritance rights, and the aforementioned healthcare rights), then queers should have the same accessibility to the institution of marriage.

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Viva La Revolution du The! (With the Appropriate Accents)

tea bagOk.  I tried to be above the fray that is the teabaggin’ parties, but I cannot.  Why?  First of all, I want my tea back!  Tea is a wonderful beverage that warms you up on a cold, MN winter night (sniff, bye winter), and it is unfairly being usurped by the right to further their inchoate cause.  

I am Asian!  Give me back my tea, you scumbags!  Besides, the original BOSTON (not American) Tea Party was in protest of the British taxing the colonists when the colonists had no representation in the Parliament.  In other words, taxation without representation.  In the current invocation of Tea Parties, however, they Teabaggers are protesting, well, um, I’m not exactly sure what they are protesting.

President Obama’s higher tax rates!  Except, he cut taxes for 95% of Americans.  In addition, he did not raise taxes on the other 5%, he merely let the Bush taxcuts expire.  Now, that particular tax rate is the same as it was under Clinton.  In addition, it is 10% lower than it was under that great Communist leader, Ronald Reagan.  So, we can dismiss higher tax rates as a legitimate concern.

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