Touched, Humbled, and Honored

1bella-award_A very dear friend (whom I’ve never met as she currently lives in France) named Jamie who has the marvelous cooking blog, Life’s A Feastbestowed upon me the Bella Award which is for “One Lovely Blog”.  Now, lovely is not the first word I would affix to my blog, but I am touched, humbled, and honored, indeed.

I met Jamie on the Mudflats blog, and I got to know her better through the wonders of Facebook.  She is a kind, warm, funny woman who bakes a mean chocolate cake.  No, I’ve never tasted it, but I’ve seen pics of it, and I would eat the whole dang thing myself if I could.  I am going to meet her some day, and she is going to make a magnificent feast for us that will make her husband and sons  tremble.  She is upbeat, but also down to earth.  I quickly felt a bond to her that transcends the ether.  Go read her blog, damn it.  Read it now.

When I first started writing this blog, I didn’t really know where I was going with it.  I am a writer, and I have a ton of opinions, so what better venue than a blog?  I am mostly interested in politics, but I also have chewed quite a bit over this silly thing called life.  I am not an orderly person in life (though I am OCD in some ways), and I don’t like to be put in a box.  I decided that I wasn’ going to try to make my blog anything other than a forum in which I just spew whatever’s on my mind.  

To that end, I will talk about religion one day (or week), homophobia the next, and how much I lust over Alan Rickman on the following.  I try to blog once a day, and each entry is usually over a thousand words.  That’s about the only shape my blog takes.  I have been disheartened by the trolls who’ve commented on my blog (but since I have total control over the first comment from a person, I haven’t posted them), so an award from a woman I highly esteem is a nice balm for my soul.

Here are the rules to giving the award in turn:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

That’s it.  Pretty simple, right?  Well, I don’t read many blogs, so I will be researching a bit before giving out the award in turn.  Quite likely, I will not give out fifteen.  That’s ok.  

Thank you, Jamie, for the wonderful award.  It means so much, especially coming from you.

15 Responses to Touched, Humbled, and Honored

  1. Congrats Minna!!! Jamie has excellent tastes, as we both know from her blog! And you are “lovely” as is your blog… in a straight up in your face kind of fuckin’ way. 🙂

  2. Kudos! You deserve it. I read a few blogs, and I’ve moved yours to my top four. Not just because I know you; I have a few other friends who also blog, and I only check in with those about once a month or two. I read it because it’s genuinely interesting and engaging. And I also want to see you win the “F-Bomb” award!

  3. No Minna, no blog here. Not yet anyway… I have this family experience/motherly advice/cookbook thingy I have psuedo-written over the years based on my life with Kenny and the kids. I keep thinking about turning it into a blog, but if I did I would end up copying everything Jamie does except the cooking is a bit different! LOL She epitomizes exactly what I would do with a blog. Who knows though… There’s a blog called Boobs, Inuries & Dr. Pepper you might enjoy… it was in a favorite 5 list on the I heart Mudflats blog. See ya on FB later!

  4. Choolie, thanks! Yeah, I think I’ll win the F-Bomb award pretty handily.

    TiredMom, well hurry up and start one! I would love to read your blog. Thanks for the tip on another interesting blog, though. I looked her up. She’s a riot.

  5. whabs, I don’t THINK I swore in this entry….Nope! It’s f-free! Too bad you can’t get the audio version to play for you on you phone. That would be funny.

  6. Okay, okay. So I should have said “For my friend Minna, I award her the One Fuckin’ Lovely Blog Award because she is one Fuckin’ Awesome Lovely Girlfriend! Okay?

    Lovely is as lovely does and the fact that your blog makes me laugh and makes me yell and makes me react like no other blog does, that makes it pretty awesome (do I have to keep typing the F word?).

    And TiredMom, you flatter me! I would love to read what you have to say!!!!

  7. Jamie, heh, you are not expected to swear. In fact, I would be a little shocked if I stumbled over an F-bomb on you site.

    Thank you again for this wonderful award. I so appreciate (you can’t know how much).