I Got Nothing

Sorry.  You get no blog today.  I am feeling shitty, and I don’t feel like talking about it, so you get some videos instead.

Video Number One is from TiredMom.  She said she thought of me when she heard it.  Besides the fact that I DO want it all the time, I agree with the rest of the song.  It’s called Give it to Me Right by Melanie Fiona.  It’s just the song because I can’t embed the actual video.  I’m providing a link to the video because she’s freaking gorgeous, and the video is steamy.

Next up is a video clip from Rachel’s show with my newest political crush, Anthony Weiner of NY.  He’s a true progressive with balls, and he’s very cute, too.  Here’s the link.

Next up is a video that my fake hubby linked for me.  It’s by Basement Jaxx, featuring Lisa Kekaula.  It’s called Good Luck, and it’s about a woman’s triumph over her abusive partner.  It’s catchy as hell and empowering, too.

Another song from my fake hubby.  Depeche Mode’s Wrong.  Fair warning.  The video is pretty intense.  I cannot embed, so here’s the link.

Next, Leonard Cohen’s song, Hallelujah as sung by the luminous k.d. lang.

Finally, once again, my stripper song by Buckcherry, Crazy Bitch.

That’s all I got for you today.  Come back tomorrow, and I may have a new entry.  Or not.  We shall see how I feel.

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