Hey, GOP! Shut. The. Fuck. Up!

elephuntI am blogging tipsy again, and I have reached my limit with the sheer stupidity that is the GOP party right now (as well as the asswipes from the so-called liberal media who are nothing but a bunch of apologetic whores for the right).  The birthers, the deathers (or, as Keith Olbermann calls them, the death-eaters.  Heh heh), the death panels, the death books, and now the circumcisers.  When the fuck will it end?

Beyond that, the crap that the GOP is spewing about how healthcare is socialism and fascism and omigod there’s a blackity-black man in the White House!, and we need to defeat Shaft! in his Obamacare.  You know what?  We are the last fucking first world nation that doesn’t have some sort of universal healthcare.   We can give a bajillion zillion dollars to Wall Street (and yes, it’s a technical term–look it up), kajillion bamillion dillion dollars to Halliburton and Blackwater, er, to fight our two endless wars, and yet, we can’t spend any money to help the poor people in our own fucking country?  Give me a fucking break.

Ok, fine.  Congress people, listen up.  Those of you who are against socialized medicine and the government running healthcare should have the moral intergrity to give up your own tax-funded healthcare plans.  Currently, there is only one Congressman who is refusing to accept health insurance with his job in order to make a point.  He is an M.D., and he is from Wisconsin.  Meet Steve Kagen, the only Congress person who is putting his money where his mouth is.  He will not accept a plan that has options not all his constituents can access.   He is, of course, a Democrat.  He is for universal healthcare.   See, he’s walking his talk.

So, Grampy McCain.  You’ve been on the government’s dole for most of your seventy-two years on this earth.  Plus, you married into a lot of money.  So, for you to complain about universal healthcare somehow being fascist is disgusting.  You fucking lost the election, and you have voted with your party every step of the way since you lost.  Why the fuck should anybody pay any attention to anything you say?

Joe Lieberman.  You especially need to shut the fuck up right now.  Reid, if he had any guts, would remind you that he has you by the balls and that if you wanted to keep your cushy chairmanships, you need to take teeny tiny steps back to sanity.  I was all for kicking you out after your egregious behavior during the last campaign season.  I am more for it now.

Michele Bachmann.  You really take the fucking cake.  You are gonna ‘pray and fast’ that the healthcare bill will fail.  Knock yourself out, babe.  No, really.  I mean that literally.  Knock yourself out.  Oh, and are you really so stupid as to say that the rabble-rousers at the town hall meetings need to keep agitating for the government to keep its hands off their bodies?  Michele Bachmann, batshitcrazyrightwingnutter extraordinaire and rabid anti-choice activist is advocating for choice.  She has got to be the most stupid Congress person, bar none.

All of this has been pissing me off, but I have managed to keep it under wraps for the most part.  Today, though, I simply jumped over the edge.  Read this entry over at Balloon Juice.  It nearly broke me today.  I’ll tell you why.

I have never loved this country in the way others do.  I don’t think we are exceptional or number one, and I don’t go around chanting U-S-A in order to trumpet my superiority.  I grew up on the outside looking in.  No matter what I did in order to fit in, it didn’t work.  I was too foreign, too awkward, too brainy, and just too fucking chinky to ever be a mainstream Midwest American.  I could say ‘duck duck gray duck’ as well as anybody, but they knew I would prefer to be saying, ‘duck duck motherfucking black duck’ given half the chance.   Hell, I would even settle for spelling gray ‘grey’ if I thought I could get away with it.  I have always preferred the British way of spelling over the American.

I went through a period of intense hatred for America and how fucked up I perceived our society to be.  I was in my early to late twenties, and I keenly felt my otherness.  Unlike when I was a kid, though, by that time, I knew that there was no America for me.  My country didn’t give a damn about me, so in turn, I didn’t really give a damn about it.  Michelle Obama got so much fucking flack for being quoted as saying, “For the first time in my life, I am proud to be American.”  No matter how it was spun, I knew exactly what she meant.

See, when Barack Obama was nominated as the DFL candidate for president, for the first time in my life, I felt there might be a place for me in America.  As some black guy said (and, yes, I know how very authoritative that sounds), Michelle Obama was not saying that she didn’t love America.  She was saying that for the first time, America loved her back.  Now, while I would quibble with the loving America part, I agree with the latter part of that statement.

For once, we were giving into our better natures.  We were reaching out for the ideals of our country and embracing what we spout on a daily basis.  Equality.  Freedom.  Liberty.  All that DFH shit that the right loves to mock.  I have never been more fucking proud of my country than when we voted Barack Hussein Obama president.  I wept tears of joy, relief, gratitude, and disbelief that I had lived to see the day.  I saw the angels inside of us, and I was humbled.

Now, the desire of many to bury the atrocities we (yes, we) committed over the past years is making me so fucking ashamed to be an American.  Not only do we have people like the dipshit Peggy Noonan saying, “Sometimes, we just need to walk on by”, we have President Obama displaying little interest in holding W. and his posse accountable for war crimes committed in the name of America.  Now, I’m willing to give President Obama some slack as this is a difficult, complex matter.  I am holding out hope that he is running a long-term game that will eventually end up with Dick Cheney being perp-rolled into jail as he’s wearing his prison oranges.

Here’s the thing.  While I never had more than a mild fondness for America, I never in my wildest nightmare dreamt we would reach the point where we are actually debating whether or not what happened under W.’s watch was torture.  Waterboarding, stress positions, psychological warfare, threatening to kill and/or rape family members, sleep deprivation, etc.  All of this was sanctioned by that sociopath, John Yoo and stamped with approval all the way up the line.  Hell, it most likely emanated from the VP office (or higher), and it became policy.  We fucking tortured people.  WE did.  America, the land of the rule of law and the Constitution–or so we’ve been led to believe.

In a just world, W., Cheney, Yoo, and all the other criminals who effected these policies would be thrown in jail for the rest of their miserable lives.  In a just world, there would be a nation-wide shunning for them and what they’ve done in our names.  In his regime, W. and his posse were able to do what al-Qaeda could not do on 9/11–destroy everything we Americans professs to hold dear.

Lastly, as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, there is an increasing outcry from the right because Obama has declared it a day of national service.  Nutters believe that all we should do on the anniversary is plot our revenge and remember how evil the terrorists were.  Any attempts to, oh, I don’t know, actually do some good is considered fascist.  By the way, nutters, that word does not mean what you think it means, so quit fucking using it already.

My heart grieves over how low America has fallen.  We cannot let what W. and his posse did be America’s legacy.  We have lost any moral authority we might have had with the rest of the world because of our wanton disregard of any basic human rights and respect for global laws, let alone our own.

Guanyin have mercy on all of us.

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  1. And to top it off, we lost Ted:-(
    very truly progressive person owes it to him to see a public option becomes reality.
    Now THAT would be something, if people actually let their conscience guide them.