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Smiles, Everybody, Smiles!

First of, I am grateful for everyone who’s checked in on me today, either on my blog or through email or both.  Whenever I feel like I’m hitting rock bottom, there are friends who remind me that they are looking out for me.  I can say that at least this time, I can feel the… Continue Reading

The Breaking

Under the cover of the night, I bow my head slightly.  I feel as if the weight of the world is on my shoulder, and I want desperately to let it push me to the depths of my despair. The sorrow.  Endless reservoirs of tears stored in the hidden crevices of my soul.  I trace… Continue Reading

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (The Adult Review)

I saw the newest Harry Potter movie tonight.  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  It’s been ages since I read the book, which is a good thing because otherwise, I would be obsessed with everything that’s been cut.  As I have stated before, though, the books (as well as the movies) are instantly forgettable once… Continue Reading

Siren Song

I’m a minimalist kind of gal.  At home, I dress in the least clothes possible, and I usually have my hair up in a high ponytail or a high sloppy bun.  Or, if it’s cold out, I just let it hang to my waist.  I don’t wear any makeup or perfume.  Excluding cat-related time, I… Continue Reading

Fuck Them (and Not in a Good Way)

I’m furious.  I’m enraged.  I’m weary.  I’m horny, but that’s not going to be part of the post today.  In the comments from my last post, whabs brings up the point that guilt is supposed to be a part of what it means to be a woman.  I have learned that lesson all-too-well.  I feel… Continue Reading

Chocolate, Cocks, and Carnal Consumption

Walking through the grocery shop, I ostensibly was looking for nourishment for my week.  However, I was also checking out what was on display for more carnal satiation.  There are a few possibilites, but I hesitate to squeeze the tomatoes where I buy them. As I walk, all I can think about is how rounded… Continue Reading

Hungry Like the Wolf

I was a huge Duran Duran fan back in the day.  Your video for the day: Here is a link for the original video (I can’t embed it).  Why am I posting a Duran Duran video?  Well, because I can.  Oh, and this song is pertinent to my blog entry for the day. It’s back.… Continue Reading

Identity Politics

So. I have briefly blogged about a comment over at BJ that was directed at me by a commenter (woman, I think.  Ed. note: I think it’s a man now.  Which makes more sense as men, in general, have a more aggressive style of commenting) who was angry that I would dare mention my race… Continue Reading

Color Me Green

I want to be Sarah Palin for a day.  No, wait.  Stick with me on this, ok?  I promise you that I have a point here.  Sort of.  No, no, I really do. Ready?  This is it. When McCain plucked Palin out of relative obscurity, she was raw and unformed.  Sure, she was governor of… Continue Reading