Monthly Archives: March 2009

We’re Not in New York City, Kiki!

My best friend, Kiki, and I both have birthdays in the month of April.  I usually give her a book or a CD or something like that.  This time, I decided to take her to a play.  I surfed the various theatres, and I came across the play, By the Bog of Cats at the Guthrie.… Continue Reading

I’m Fat

Today, I am not going to talk about politics–much.   I am not going to talk about sex–much.  Instead, I am going to talk about something personal–mostly.  My weight.  I am not going to tell you how much I weigh because I don’t know.  I have issues with the scale and with eating and with… Continue Reading

I Want to Fuck You Like an Animal

  Ok, I’m getting the politics out of the way right off the bat:  I can be pissed off at AIG, Congress, the last administration, this administration, AND the American public simultaneously for the financial market fiasco that has occurred in the past thirty years.  I don’t have to limit myself to one entity or… Continue Reading

Do Me, Baby

Ok.  I know the world is in a full-frontal meltdown, and I promised my solution to world peace, but I am still preoccupied with sex.  That means that world peace will have to be delayed yet another day.  I am gonna be like the AIG execs and hold the world hostage until I get my… Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Ok, I know I promised to bring about world peace today, but that will have to be shelved because I have a more pressing problem.   Sex.  Or rather, the lack thereof.  See, I just hit my sexual peak last night–what?  Stop laughing.  I did!  I could actually feel it when it hit.  One minute,… Continue Reading